The Independent Crossword Answers July 07, 2021

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Loudly incontinent and tense European produces complex sound AFFRICATE
Compound found in plant by insect. Clue: Not thymine XANTHIN
Threatened to get better boxing champion MENACED
More sex, I’d suspect, leads to cells preventing fluid loss EXODERMIS
Mob bit of rough wearing G-string THRONG
Awaiting chains to restrain guards INSTORE
Curse dodgy merchant regularly displaying neglected pet RESCUECAT
After dumping fellow, somehow life goes on, to coin a phrase NEOLOGISE
Delayed charging almost all editors STALLED
Tool providers wanting drink PLIERS
Lion-tamer with enormous bird of prey sleeps only occasionally ANDROCLES
Drop requirement for live music gig? ABANDON
Wonderful being involved in prisoners’ chats CONFABS
Basic mistake, at first, to leave cheese around the French ELEMENTAL


They show current dilettantes to an audience AMMETERS
Ward Duke off in marshland FEN
Popular Conservative finally admitted deserting naked woman, identity unknown INCONNUE
Support opera having key change at the end AIDE
Detailed account of where one was? EXPOSITION
Prophets accepting nationalist’s contemptuous remarks SNEERS
On best diet for stripping off full-body suit ONESIE
Ministry put female in igloo? HOMEOFFICE
One regards fantastic bushes here? ROSEGARDEN
Shock! Artist stops to look around Scunthorpe on vacation SCANDALISE
“The One and Only” broadcast; millions scoffed SOULMATE
Private planes or trains PERSONAL
Position bronze in southern church STANCE
It can be found in bathroom, note LOOFAH
Auction of small beer SALE
Party time for stud DOT
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