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Game bird giving you bellyache
Gathered condiment, gathered together
Lecturer?s absorbed by a lot of papers in field of study
Dining out, magnate?s regularly ignored and understandably cross
A member landed on top of you? That?s a solicitor?s area
Cold 15 fabric in drawer for 20
Food dyes as dressing occurring with aioli – lift out!
Stunted moose! – turn around and look!
'Tabloid Kelvin' is done for
See 15
Suburb leases housing – an incoherent speech
I go deeper leaving nothing out in family tree
One stringed instrument in ten possibly undamaged
Victor taking whiskey in secret
Anxiety in Germany produces violent criminal
Garlands end regularly abandoned in different stations


Primate from waterway in Indian province …
… and another from Algerian port terribly gaunt
Make easy money in slip up? Risky after fine is extracted
Release gun dog out of its confines
These are ferocious rows over a piece of gossip
Study year needing cash
Camping equipment thrown in river when relations become warmer
Childish game from US, approval short, diplomacy out-of-date, heartless
Legal profession?s awfully remote – it responds to pressure
Posse let out with no time to be mortified
Britain relatively wet becoming brighter
Silicon and flashy accessories in Big Brother say
Artist initially drops in the identical colour dragged across canvas?
Flowers from Leopold for Joyce
A bird if fearful's not caught
Maybe water that comes with hail?
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