The Independent Crossword Answers July 19, 2018

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Smashing contest dukes are involved in?
Old House Party run to be put on Tuesday
Take big steps? No way! Head for some lifts
That woman will become casual wear
Lake boards U-turning to exploit water table
I'm against work – it's taxing on the brain!
Crimean War poet shot in display of hostility?
Finish last article in Ways to Raise Kids?
Old model (one who reveals everything)
Social worker visiting home of fighting and shouting
Draftee I upset about old soldiers fighting for Rome?
Love letter #3 from soft female with a large heart?
Admission: there's no good in people of high birth
For men it could be Viagra or a whisky


Warning: drama is something that happens before Congress
Working-class Hindu seen in South of France with artist
Rod is to stop following that woman's boyfriend
New guest Her Maj upset, giving the fingers?
Hanging out at the base with champion and training
Bloomer left United spinning in upset
Syrup stockist south of Delaware's capital?
Go to bed with short old age pensioner?
Most brusque brutes at wild gathering in park
Annoying sort of driving one sees at first?
Caught fish, perhaps, with one fixing to bring in line
Anarchist's leader to disrupt or spur on loud protests?
Perhaps Hilary in Iowa needs answer to split ends
Files about European shot by an egotistical loner?
Dirty recording that you must listen to!
Independent female punching sister for a laugh
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