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Finds evidence of heroin use and drink
What may stop you getting a six-pack?
A type of bread covered with chopped fish and nuts
Old guard's failure to accept closure of prison
Hand over nasty, x-rated magazine article with no hint of modesty
Sort of green liquid
One who can?t face the reality of being wealthier than everyone but not married
Attempt crazy Spinning
Fuel price beginning to drop
Snake of an old politician nearly getting taken in by Republicans
Some coral in a ring
Merry because of gin and vodka?
South Asian from England visiting island in Indonesia
Dead river caused an unpleasant smell, so it's said
Salad stuff from a high-street coffee shop? No thanks!
Eagles seen migrating from part of Africa


Where to put your iPad, perhaps, at work
Comment on negative response received by an art institution
Sounding more helpful (sort of!)
Piece from odist I chose is a couplet
US singer-songwriter accompanying Queen at the end of gigs
What's a poser doing when at Top Man?
Fashions displayed by someone associated with 1D
Significant power in control
If everything's perfect, theoretically, what could the matter be?
Every person that is embracing a new college partnership
Posh clothing can somehow be resisted!
Resolve to arrest leader of infidels for a religious crime
Author in a hurry to stop working
Guy takes barbituates at first, followed by cocaine and wine
Spliffs seen in dive bars?
Further in, and far off
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