The Independent Crossword Answers November 19, 2022

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Those who tweet probably exploit deaths after that woman fired at random FEATHERED
Job limits I assume to be valid POSIT
Threatens lives, including writer screened by doctor IMPENDS
Snake found round central Africa that’s hit with sticks MARIMBA
Part of revolutionary masterpiece inspired the role of Sonya in Uncle Vanya? NIECE
Airline carried out check on boarding passengers? BARRICADE
Withdraw favourites experiencing setback and at a disadvantage STEPDOWN
Go mad about absolutely nothing, requiring return fare from Asia PILAFF
Difficult American singer welcomes publicity BADASS
Reporter’s losing consciousness performing deceptive move FEINTING
Assembling people finally to join essential syndicate MUSTERING
Country making substantial contribution to Afghan army GHANA
Fruit you said female insect eats SHEANUT
Evasive performer greeting entertaining double-act returning home HOUDINI
Greens unfortunately brought about start of devolution SALAD
Earmark handler for stolen jewellery? RINGFENCE


See 1 Across FEATHERED
Understand what result underpins program run APPREHEND
New religious establishment supports empty hermitage from now on HENCE
What might contain arrangement of unopened flowers possessing strong smell? ROSEBOWL
Modest dissent over committee’s conclusion DEMURE
Screen role not originally included is recast PARTITION
Country in South America close to Mexico and America SAMOA
Eastender who takes small part in reviving production? TEALEAF
Made out nothing is missing from considered broadcast DISCERNED
Article writer’s submitted to Country Life ANIMATION
Increase number entering stage immediately LENGTHEN
Collaborative meeting involving problem about last of maths puzzles BEMUSES
Hard Rock Cafe’s last rating needs to be changed GRANITE
Laugh about leaders of The Third International trying to make a comeback TITTER
Appropriate strength of character shown by speaker STEAL
Surly Republican spreads nonsense GRUFF
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