The Independent Crossword Answers November 24, 2021

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Below are The Independent Cryptic November 24, 2021 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.


Hunt, wearing nursing uniform, is a prickly individual SEAURCHIN
Trump cut short meeting with prostitute, we hear, which is novel IVANHOE
Outside broadcast follows Frank OPENAIR
Patrol old mills for a lot of money TOPDOLLAR
Ordnance is harmless in main transport channel ARTERY
Developed thick skin about love, or just cold-hearted? CALLOUS
Usurer left Noah’s, upset by his mode of transportation LOANSHARK
Instruction to make payment to prevent heartless child collection BANKDRAFT
White privilege ultimately seen in small child having everything CUEBALL
Pulls off tense clergyman PRIEST
Cooked steak with ham and eggs, at first, in hurry MAKEHASTE
South American bishop going to spa for day of relaxation SABBATH
Friend of Dorothy drinking Burgundy perhaps in provincial capital TORONTO
Route maps confused pest controller MOUSETRAP


Dodgy OAPs look after gold in financial centre SAOPAULO
Soprano thrown out of bar in hail AVE
Again, bust chair? REARREST
Upset, start to reside in temporary building HURT
Unusual tip to stop theft showing over-attention to detail NITPICKING
Georgia: country providing fossil fuel GASOIL
Nude Bristolian covers junk DEBRIS
Welcome females in the morning at European’s great collection HALLOFFAME
Pulls Emily Ratajkowski, for starters, in emotional movie TEARJERKER
Flowers might flower around spring and summer, primarily MAYBLOSSOM
A young explorer is getting expelled shortly, but is appealing ADORABLE
Small, small person excited to cheat STITCHUP
Wake up in bed containing Eccles and Oscar COMETO
Sunbathe naked to entertain Olympian ATHENA
Overthrown monarchy welcomes son; he had lost his birthright ESAU
Perhaps Charles is cycling in Scottish town AYR
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