The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 08, 2018

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Athletic event scheduled for Lima in 2019
13-Down (Abbr.)
Cabin crew’s visual aid
Lovegood of Hogwarts
Get cracking
Murray or Roddick of tennis
Cap setting
___ T (classic car)
Plastering strip
Prefix with graphic
Like a Triple Word Score square
Doo-wop’s ___ Na Na
Phonetic ends of Alaska
Give top marks to, in the Olympics
Gardeners, at times
Venue for a horse-riding sport
Folk singer Guthrie
“Emperor’s Hymn” composer
Lecture hall platform
Douglas’ “Wall Street” role
Get power from
“All the Wilderness” actress Virginia
Newton with the Panthers
Memorable Michael Jackson album
Four Corners corner
Certain Swiss paintings
Charitable offerings
Honorific for Otis Redding or Sam Cooke
Serial YouTube journal
Reigning champion’s parting shot
Majestic street liners
Like some airtight bags
President between Tyler and Taylor
Long part of a neuron
CNBC covers it
“The African Queen” screenwriter James
Chess pieces
Figures in gardens
Recess retort
“I’m not your ___!” (mom’s words to a messy teen)
Quasimodo’s love in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
Halloween decoration
Carrier to Tel Aviv
Cuts often served rare
Catchall phrase
Sign before some exits
Trio on a phone’s 3 button
Windy road hazard
Reef part that’s above water
One of many in a balloon
“Guess again!”
Longtime Chicago columnist Mike
Official political platform
Eight-day holiday
Animal stolen in “Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son”
Wander (about)
Fathered, biblically
Doesn’t share
One-named “Dark Sky Island” Grammy winner
Away from port
Veg out
Erato or Euterpe
Have some snow day fun
Charge to get in
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