The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 16, 2018

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Up for the task
Common first word
Light-colored beer
___ queen (gender-defying star)
White House office shape
Sulu’s shipmate
Jeans makers’ specialized language?
Arctic explorer Robert
Team that Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann played for
Bear’s home
Fit automaker
Lie a little
Lock securer?
“Saturday Night Live” network
X-rated movie viewer
Letters at the start of a memo
“Don’t go!”
Their juice is used in rickeys
Ewe’s mate
Baby kangaroos
Easy tennis shots
Stare at creepily
Cardinals’ city, on scoreboards
Infomercial line
Ambulance destinations, briefly
Make very merry
___ crew (NASCAR squad)
Dueling swords
Snookums and Lovey, maybe
Patronized, as a restaurant
Breeders’ specialized language?
Rapper’s entourage
Stonestreet of “Modern Family”
1994 action film starring Sandra Bullock
Retouching targets
Did some laps, say
Like dry champagne
Carpool ___
Played a messy prank on
EGOT winner Rita
State formally
Sunday morning activity
Drink often on tap
Peron portrayer Patti
In the lead
Lenders’ specialized language?
Makes mistakes
Comedian Martha
Dings from your phone
Hartford’s state (Abbr.)
They do the Mafia’s dirty work
Niagara ___
Apiarists’ specialized language?
Use mouthwash
In the least
Big name in aspirin
Dermatologists’ concerns
___ Schwab tires
Sea plea
Muffin grains
Hauled (off)
Science of light
Tenant’s contract
Fruity desserts
Drains, as strength
At the peak of
Gilpin of “Frasier”
Work on a Wikipedia article
Cat cry
“Como ___?”
Dispensed candy
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