Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 03, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Rich cake TORTE
Weather aid RADAR
Island greeting ALOHA
“Pal Joey” writer OHARA
Multiplied by TIMES
“Shut up!” CANIT
1972 Billy Wilder film AVANTI
Take advantage of USE
Fellows MEN
Coated, as with chocolate ENROBED
Form 1040 org. IRS
Resume business REOPEN
Some messages TEXTS
Irish girl’s name BRIGIT
Cornfield cry CAW
Argue noisily WRANGLE
Bruins legend ORR
Enter the race RUN
Heavenly being ANGEL
Moves cautiously EASES
Tick off PEEVE
Grain to grind GRIST
Nice guys GENTS


Japanese mat TATAMI
Twist of fiction OLIVER
Bible book ROMANS
Subsequently THEN
Software surprise EASTEREGG
Mythical flyer ROC
Cry of insight AHA
Vienna’s river DANUBE
Out of bed ARISEN
Sized up RATED
Banished INEXILE
Real stinker ROTTENEGG
Harvest goddess OPS
Malleable metal TIN
Sultanate on Borneo BRUNEI
Forest worker RANGER
Reunion attendee COUSIN
Gains by force WRESTS
Cylindrical sandwiches WRAPS
Be bold DARE
Genesis name EVE
Set a course LED
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