Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 08, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Christmas travelers MAGI
Modify ADAPT
Woeful cry ALAS
Mini burger SLIDER
Diatribe RANT
Disregard IGNORE
Many a Harpo Marx joke SIGHTGAG
Container in an armored car MONEYBAG
Walks proudly STRUTS
Low digit ONE
Cat’s quarry MOUSE
Devilfish MANTA
Ornate vase URN
Jazz standard of 1917 TIGERRAG
Message-leaving series PHONETAG
Improvise FAKEIT
Long car LIMO
Sci-fi threat ALIENS
Inkling IDEA
Slow-witted DENSE
Mint product CENT


Earth neighbor MARS
Jai — ALAI
Street group GANG
Panama, for one ISTHMUS
Pond growth ALGAE
Squalid DINGY
Brouhaha ADO
For each PER
Uno plus due TRE
Zodiac dozen SIGNS
Carryall TOTE
Role for Craig BOND
Pot starter ANTE
Bike part GEAR
Obscene material SMUT
Spelling on TV TORI
Ladder step RUNG
Nasty MEAN
Perfectly behaved ANGELIC
Easy gaits TROTS
Some swords EPEES
German river RHINE
Shore eroder TIDE
Church reply AMEN
Blame recipient GOAT
Rage FAD
Hearty quaff ALE
Family KIN
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