Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 19, 2024

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Detest ABHOR
“The Merry Widow” composer LEHAR
Baseball’s Pee Wee REESE
Give a speech ORATE
School group CLASS
Writer Carr CALEB
Vacuum’s lack AIR
Screening org. TSA
Seine water EAU
Badminton need NET
Gusher flow OIL
Demand ASK
On the beach ASHORE
Pants part KNEE
Orange cover RIND
Civil libertarian’s concern RIGHTS
Wrap up END
— Fernando SAN
Slippery one EEL
Derisive cry BAH
“Gangnam Style” singer PSY
Some amount of ANY
Eat away ERODE
Not wordy TERSE
Light unit LUMEN
Writer Joyce Carol — OATES
Rider’s mount STEED
Secret meeting TRYST


Secret stuff ARCANA
Contradicts BELIES
Family life, figuratively HEARTHANDHOME
CIA’s forerunner OSS
Make good as new RESTORE
From the area LOCAL
Pitcher’s stat ERA
In fine fettle HALEANDHEARTY
Comfortable ATEASE
Chastise REBUKE
Western peaks SIERRAS
Outdated OLD
Tapped item KEG
Luke and Leia, e.g. REBELS
Needing change INARUT
Past and future TENSES
Most crafty SLYEST
Forgo frugality SPEND
Ruby of films DEE
Attention EAR
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