Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 20, 2024

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Really like RELISH
Horn sound BEEP
Sitka’s state ALASKA
Trade show EXPO
Basic idea GIST
Foils’ kin EPEES
“I understand!” GOTIT
A waste of time FUTILE
Theater award OBIE
Negative link NOR
Two-bar symbol EQUALSIGN
Letter before upsilon TAU
Musical symbol REST
Striker’s foe SCAB
Run, as color BLEED
Stable animal HORSE
Learning method ROTE
Exotic fruit PAPAYA
“Yeah, sure!” IBET
Late hour ELEVEN
Binary digit ZERO
Beliefs TENETS


Dance parties RAVES
Skip the ceremony ELOPE
Rubber source LATEX
Words after “peekaboo” ISEEYOU
Enjoys Aspen SKIS
Solo in space HAN
Letter after delta EPSILON
Peter Rabbit’s creator POTTER
Shot in the dark GUESS
Does clerical work FILES
Revealed BARED
Ring setting EARLOBE
More hushed QUIETER
Reply to a knock ITSOPEN
Iranian city TABRIZ
Handle SEETO
Want badly CRAVE
So far ASYET
Chili need BEANS
Robust HALE
Parrot or puppy PET
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