Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 27, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


1920s art style DECO
Nursery rhyme start BAABAA
Tennis star Lendl IVAN
Fred, Steve, and Tim ALLENS
Suit piece VEST
Winter showers SLEETS
Tough wood ASH
Source of bad luck JINX
Support BRACE
Humor WIT
Preside over CHAIR
Red-ink amount LOSS
“Understood” ISEE
Similar ALIKE
“Sure thing!” YES
Young pigeon SQUAB
Took turns SPUN
Saloon supply ALE
Game outing SAFARI
Memo letters ASAP
“Understood” IGOTIT
Tag info SIZE
Apartment rule NOPETS
Patella’s place KNEE


Opera star DIVA
December 24 and 31 EVES
Accounting method CASHBASIS
Toronto’s prov. ONT
Fundamental BASIC
Never before seen ALLNEW
Baseball’s Rodriguez ALEX
Hive dweller BEE
Small worker ANT
Braying beast ASS
Pickle buy JAR
Peril RISK
Sink’s kin WASHBASIN
Article ITEM
Vincent’s brother THEO
Potter’s stuff CLAY
Golf goal HOLE
Costa — RICA
Nearest star SUN
Calls it a day QUITS
Fill completely SATE
Take it easy LAZE
Fencing sword EPEE
Immoral act SIN
In the past AGO
Dandy FOP
Inquire ASK
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