Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 30, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Brass band members TUBAS
“Paradise Lost” figure SATAN
Of service UTILE
Banish EXILE
Submerged BELOW
Puzzled VEXED
Looked lasciviously LEERED
Pole worker ELF
Bear’s lair DEN
Capt.’s superior MAJ
Bonehead DOOFUS
Flank SIDE
Deli staples DILLPICKLES
Annual race, for short INDY
Army exercises DRILLS
Snaky shape ESS
Sheltered side LEE
Spot SEE
Volcanic rock BASALT
Yellow gem TOPAZ
Like Santa’s suit SOOTY
In the know AWARE
Bert’s buddy ERNIE
Job bonuses PERKS


Soaking spot TUB
Salt Lake City player UTE
Baby wipe additive ALOE
Clinched SEWEDUP
Common dice roll SEVEN
Cut drastically AXED
Box office buys, in slang TIX
Brewpub offering ALE
Homer’s neighbor NED
Jockey Arcaro EDDIE
Beef cuts LOINS
Grinding item MILLSTONE
“Skyfall” singer ADELE
Track great Owens JESSE
Jeans feature FLY
Runner on snow SKI
Takes it easy LAZES
Pound sound BARK
Collected stories LORE
Keg need TAP
Need to pay OWE
Hole number PAR
Pointer TIP
“Certainly!” YES
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