Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers February 25, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Tea serving, to Brits CUPPA
Limbo residents SOULS
Underway AFOOT
First odd prime THREE
Carpentry needs TOOLS
“Tomorrow” show ANNIE
“Get a move on!” LETSGO
Beatles descriptor FAB
Had supper ATE
Obtained GOT
“Seward’s Folly” ALASKA
Soda choice COLA
They may be served at the beach VOLLEYBALLS
Considered wise SAWFIT
In medias — RES
Minivan alternative SUV
Flower visitor BEE
Llama’s cousin ALPACA
Text adornment EMOJI
Bakery buys ROLLS
Egypt’s Anwar SADAT
Jury makeup PEERS
Test for purity ASSAY


Purr producer CAT
Sky sighting UFO
They may be in pockets POOLBALLS
Warsaw native POLE
Being risked ATSTAKE
Play place STAGE
“Dear me!” OHNO
Coffee dispenser URN
Island memento LEI
Take in SEE
Doesn’t go to bed STAYSUP
Smile upon FAVOR
Unaccompanied ALONE
They have dimples GOLFBALLS
Skateboarding jump OLLIE
Critical asset TASTE
Crafty SLY
Crow call CAW
Munich setting BAVARIA
Narrow cuts SLITS
Open a bit AJAR
Takes in CONS
Sixth sense, briefly ESP
West of films MAE
Exalted verse ODE
Pasture LEA
Pig holder STY
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