Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 03, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Blinds piece SLAT
Spirited horse STEED
Broad WIDE
Vestiges TRACES
Heaps ATON
Oxygen-thriving organism AEROBE
Skin art, for short TAT
Grabbed with a toothpick SPEARED
Halloween mo. OCT
Heel CAD
Male moose BULL
“You Don’t Know —“ (Cole Porter song) PAREE
Parakeet home CAGE
Golf goal PAR
Major lang. ENG
Championship emblem PENNANT
Slangy denial NAH
Toronto’s province ONTARIO
Stuck at the chalet, perhaps ICEDIN
Rowing team CREW
Sentence part CLAUSE
Doily stuff LACE
Moved sideways EDGED
Looked over EYED


Graceful birds SWANS
Illuminated LITUP
Find darling ADORE
Octopus arm TENTACLE
Cornered TREED
Lobed organ EAR
Travel to endangered areas ECOTOUR
Spectacular failure DEBACLE
Make a home SETTLE
River of Russia URAL
Nautical hanger-on BARNACLE
Like vistas SCENIC
Brainiac EGGHEAD
Gasp for air PANT
Modeling asset POISE
Ordered display ARRAY
Brother’s daughter NIECE
Took to impound TOWED
Used a spade DUG
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