Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers July 01, 2020

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Hangs low SAGS
School subject MATH
Influence CLOUT
Condemn openly DECRY
San Antonio mission ALAMO
“Dig in!” EATUP
Right away NOW
Like a major general TWOSTAR
Crew need OAR
Winter weather SLEET
Travel stop INN
Beach crawlers CRABS
Gangland gun GAT
Party dip SALSA
Ulna’s place ARM
Elementary learning THREERS
Like some intersection stop signs FOURWAY
Game cube DIE
Put — (sail) TOSEA
Practical OFUSE
Makes smooth EVENS
More pleasant NICER
Take a breather REST
Addition column TENS


Meager SCANT
Permits ALLOWS
Leave base, perhaps GOAWOL
Total SUM
Ham or lamb MEAT
Director’s cry ACTION
Roosevelt’s successor TRUMAN
Keyed up HYPER
Horn blower TOOTER
Some bucks DEER
Boris’s cartoon partner NATASHA
Splinter group SECT
Cruise stop ISLE
Elementary particle BARYON
Entertains AMUSES
Act the temptress SEDUCE
Out of bed ARISEN
Following AFTER
“— brillig …” TWAS
Prophetic ones SEERS
Tenant’s fee RENT
In shape FIT
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