Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 06, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Long swim trunks JAMS
Insurance agent’s number QUOTE
Heaps ALOT
Heart CORE
Roofer’s need LADDER
Avoid falling behind KEEPPACE
Picnic contest SACKRACE
Endangered ATRISK
Cleveland cager, for short CAV
Horse controls REINS
Racket NOISE
300, in Rome CCC
Fireplace bit CINDER
Oxford feature SHOELACE
Book designer’s choice TYPEFACE
Time to come FUTURE
Test type ORAL
Battery ends ANODES
Sty cry OINK
Boxing ring border ROPES
Skin art, slangily TATS


Face card JACK
Lotion additive ALOE
Extra amount MORE
Intervenes STEPSIN
Drake sound QUACK
Lower than UNDER
Strange ODD
Casual top TEE
Mess up ERR
Not taut SLACK
Fail to fail PASS
Corrosive stuff ACID
Wine buy CASE
Continually EVER
Curving paths ARCS
Computer pro TECH
Rodriguez of “Modern Family” RICO
Pleasant NICE
Ruler measure ONEFOOT
Targets for bulls CAPES
Piano piece ETUDE
Old harps LYRES
Diva’s piece ARIA
Jargon CANT
Fraternal group ELKS
Way off FAR
First nĂºmero UNO
Pinnacle TOP
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