Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 25, 2023

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Anthropologist Margaret MEAD
Singer Ronnie MILSAP
Car bar AXLE
New York tribe ONEIDA
Brazenness GALL
Off the path ASTRAY
Opening GAP
Diving positions TUCKS
Spending binge SPREE
Colony member ANT
Binary digit ONE
Feeds the pigs SLOPS
Accords PACTS
Pancake topper SYRUP
Swearing-in vow IDO
Address ends ZIPCODES
Frying sound SIZZLE
Irritate RILE
Ring islands ATOLLS
“Frozen” queen ELSA
Unassuming MODEST
Woodland grazer DEER


Christmas travelers MAGI
Final, for one EXAM
Big reptile ALLIGATOR
River areas DELTAS
Castle circler MOAT
Detail maps INSETS
Polite address SIR
Oklahoma city ADA
Fork over PAY
Fitting APT
Big reptile CROCODILE
English county KENT
Espies SEES
Deep voice BASS
This is one PUZZLE
Kitchen goofs SPILLS
Snap PIC
Cherished ADORED
Mosquito or gnat PEST
Different ELSE
Scorch SEAR
Sleuth Spade SAM
“How was — know?” ITO
General who’s a foe of Superman ZOD
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