Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 06, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Calendar items DATES
Wine barrel CASK
Deeply impressed INAWE
Rashness HASTE
Be of one mind AGREE
Welles of “Citizen Kane” ORSON
Telescope part LENS
Gazelle’s cousin IMPALA
Yale rooter ELI
Sticky stuff GOO
Longing YEN
Store worker’s perk DISCOUNT
Scorch CHAR
Oxen connector YOKE
Gymnast’s finish DISMOUNT
Road gunk TAR
CD forerunners LPS
Simple card game WAR
“I wish!” IFONLY
Crib occupant BABY
Egypt neighbor LIBYA
Fencing swords FOILS
Attempts TRIES
Duo quadrupled OCTET
Posted SENT
Forays RAIDS


Used an old phone DIALED
Perfectly behaved ANGELIC
Lose luster TARNISH
Some sheep EWES
Take in SEE
Complain CARP
Test for purity ASSAY
Fancy wrap STOLE
Thompson of “SNL” KENAN
Bare and bear, e.g. HOMONYMS
Debtor’s letters IOU
Zoo favorites GORILLAS
Heel CAD
Overly TOO
Iraqi’s neighbor KUWAITI
Made possible ENABLED
Mole, e.g. SPY
Secret meetings TRYSTS
Inclines TILTS
Burning AFIRE
Blue egg tender ROBIN
Russian refusal NYET
— Raton BOCA
Gift tag word FOR
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