Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 09, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Muscle woes CRAMPS
Crimson Tide’s home BAMA
Luau setting HAWAII
Goes astray ERRS
Head honcho BOSS
Fathers SIRES
Car type COUPE
Bearing MIEN
Selects with a finger TAPSON
Sea dogs TARS
Drama division ACT
John, to Ringo LOO
Exploited USED
Somewhat INPART
Overlook MISS
Drama division SCENE
Parrot MIMIC
Try out TEST
Sea rover PIRATE
Falco of TV EDIE
Barcelona’s region ARAGON
Bears’ lairs DENS


Deep ravine CHASM
Arm bones RADII
In the know AWARE
Printer’s ink MAGENTA
Diner desserts PIES
Pop’s daughter SIS
Jazz genre BEBOP
Stirring state AROUSAL
Science officer on TV MRSPOCK
Agreement ASSENT
Social class CASTE
Rendezvous TRYST
Blue hue AZURE
Inveigles ROPESIN
Fleet leader ADMIRAL
Tilted to one side LISTED
Poker payments ANTES
Politician’s concern IMAGE
Squelch SITON
Fragrance SCENT
Deep mud MIRE
Golf goal PAR
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