Universal Crossword Answers April 30, 2022

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Author: by Billy Bratton


What a hole in a lid is for STRAW
Prepare to throw a beanbag AIM
Spanish for “I love you” TEAMO
Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Vessels with pedestals URNS
Grown-up’s playful side INNERCHILD
Fender blemish DENT
Doesn’t hold back LETSLOOSE
He’s close to the Edge BONO
Otherworldly beings, briefly ETS
Number for a pair? DUET
“A ___ Blast That Lasts” (breath spray slogan) BINACA
Gamer’s vowelless verb PWN
Nourished FED
___ + blue = purple RED
Strumming sessions GUITARLESSONS
Phenomenon in which many people misremember something MANDELAEFFECT
Spoke convincingly TALKEDTHETALK
“I Like ___” IKE
Try to win over WOO
Borzoi sound ARF
Speed Stick deodorant maker MENNEN
Walk back and forth PACE
About 20-25% of sleep: Abbr. REM
Ticket leftover STUB
Beyond cool? BELOWZERO
“Stop stalling!” DOIT
Defiant response to a vague threat ORELSEWHAT
Women with habits NUNS
Apply blacktop to PAVE
Rental document LEASE
Dined ATE
Nonbinary pronoun THEY
Bad words? LIBEL


Subway entrance STILE
Palindromic principle TENET
Angry speeches RANTS
City in central Iowa AMES
Term abbreviated at the start of many addresses WORLDWIDEWEB
Lake in the Sierras TAHOE
Elite group of stars ALIST
Play part ROLE
Conference where Chimamanda Adichie gave the talk “The Danger of a Single Story” TED
Music style named for a large venue ARENAROCK
Not guilty INNOCENT
Winter hrs. in Utah MST
Shabu-shabu noodle, perhaps UDON
Had trust in COUNTEDON
Meaty foods to eat on Tuesday, maybe BEEFTACOS
TV plugs, e.g.? ADS
Genre that inspired emo PUNK
Run away FLEE
Female friend celebrated on February 13 GALENTINE
Highest male voice ALTO
Cheer syllable RAH
___-help book SELF
Kisses passionately MAKESOUT
Name within “Mortimer” TIM
“Dang it!” NUTS
“Pet” annoyance PEEVE
Bowling night hangout ALLEY
2006 hit for Amy Winehouse REHAB
Delete ERASE
Lodging that may be L-shaped MOTEL
Surfer dude BRAH
Two, in Berlin ZWEI
“I got loyalty, got royalty inside my ___” (Kendrick Lamar) DNA
Elect (to) OPT
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