Universal Crossword Answers August 01, 2020

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Author: by Evan Kalish


Cry loudly BAWL
Nursing ___ BRA
“Just don’t make a ___ of it” HABIT
Mongolia’s place ASIA
State a position OPINE
Golf club for a bunker shot SANDWEDGE
Camping shelters TENTS
Fills, as a tattoo INKSIN
PlayStation 4 maker SONY
Obtained GOT
___ Vegas Strip LAS
Modest number FEW
Off-leash, say LOOSE
Koko the gorilla’s communication method SIGNLANGUAGE
Grainlike pasta ORZO
1860s prez ABE
Opportunity to get on base ATBAT
Emma Lazarus’ “The New Colossus,” for one POEM
Pancake served with applesauce LATKE
Arm bone ULNA
Inner tube’s shape TORUS
Tonic’s partner GIN
Rules’ partners, informally REGS
Generic video clips STOCKFOOTAGE
Elf on the ___ SHELF
Music genre found in “home movie” EMO
(You know that was bad!) TSK
Distillery container VAT
Bit of grass or hair TUFT
Fairy king in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” OBERON
Author Bashevis Singer ISAAC
Stealing tithe money, e.g. SACRILEGE
Its bark is used in canoes BIRCH
History syllabus units ERAS
Learned … or what’s split across 16-, 28-, 46- and 63-Across SAGE
Writing assignment ESSAY
Apex TOP
Dreyer’s, in Kansas City EDYS


Herb with a Thai variety BASIL
8-Down posture, e.g. ASANA
Flirts with an eye WINKS
Garden plot BED
Car wash cloths RAGS
Colorful ring AREOLA
Sweat-inducing exercise system HOTYOGA
Koko the gorilla, e.g. APE
Incredibly compelling, as a Netflix series BINGEABLE
Come ___ being INTO
Country containing Africa’s westernmost point SENEGAL
Cellular data saver WIFI
Prefix with “essential” NON
Hoops league with 10-minute quarters WNBA
Closing stitch SUTURE
A large amount SOMUCH
“Stop holding on!” LETGO
Group of friends GANG
Midflight guesses, for short ETAS
Chooses OPTS
Plant holder? ROOT
Worst rating ZEROSTARS
Diamond in the sky, perhaps KITE
Captivates ENAMORS
Disreputable SKETCHY
Winter malady FLU
Counteracted (by) OFFSET
Desert in 13-Across GOBI
Source of a tire’s traction TREAD
Like soft Kix SOGGY
Joints with patellas KNEES
Informal feeling VIBE
Bargain bin proviso ASIS
Root pounded to make poi TARO
“What ___ is new?” ELSE
2010 health law, for short ACA
Word after “baseball” or “bathing” CAP
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