Universal Crossword Answers February 25, 2021

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Author: by Catherine Cetta


Dull-colored DRAB
Lumberjack’s tool: Var. AXE
Gather together AMASS
Italian city whose name anagrams to “anise” SIENA
“Star Wars” villain Kylo ___ REN
Word before “airplane” or “home” MODEL
*Butt heads LOCKHORNS
Make up (for) ATONE
Grown-ups ADULTS
Openly transgender OUT
Woodwind that uses treble clef OBOE
___ mortal MERE
*Architecture or construction LINEOFWORK
Palindromic horn sound TOOT
Did a 10K, say RAN
Bundle of grain SHEAF
Noisy kiss SMACK
Part of a play ACT
*Something that catches you off guard BOLTFROMTHEBLUE
Source of cash ATM
Trigonometry ratios SINES
Extremely angry IRATE
Neurologist’s scan, briefly EEG
Spanish for “this” ESTO
*Evade conviction BEATTHERAP
Adele or Cher, vocally ALTO
Opposite of exo- ENDO
Dress code requirement, at times TIE
Hosted a show EMCEED
Contribute to the mix ADDIN
Directly in your path, or a hint to what can precede each starred answer’s first word DEADAHEAD
Wafer cookie brand NILLA
Summer hrs. on Cape Cod EDT
School year segments TERMS
Costly STEEP
Pastrami bread RYE
___ Pie (popular ice cream bar) EDYS


The “D” of LED DIODE
Happen repeatedly RECUR
Piece of low art, informally? ANKLETAT
Thai money BAHT
Cry from a pirate ARR
Noble gas in arc lamps XENON
Come after ENSUE
Physician’s org. AMA
The Supremes’ record label MOTOWN
Chicken ___ (Filipino dish) ADOBO
Mister, in Mexico City SENOR
Smooth and glossy SLEEK
Shut loudly SLAM
Munch Museum’s Scandinavian capital OSLO
Flashlight, to a Brit TORCH
“Challenge accepted!” ITSON
Pretend to know what you’re doing FAKEIT
Compensate for OFFSET
Org. for mom-and-pop stores SBA
Like the weather in Florida, often HOT
Stately tree ELM
Mrs., in Marseille MME
Flummoxed ATSEA
Pie ___ mode ALA
Director’s cry CUT
Casual top TEE
“Correct!” RIGHT
Raised for discussion BROACHED
French for “star” ETOILE
Raced SPED
Coffee grinder inputs BEANS
Send a breakup text, say ENDIT
Confuse ADDLE
Duck with downy feathers EIDER
Like a swamp with many plants REEDY
Apprehensive LEERY
Squads TEAMS
10 to 1, e.g. ODDS
Down Under pal MATE
Nod off briefly NAP
Had a snack ATE
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