Universal Crossword Answers July 05, 2020

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Author: by Alex Eaton-Salners


Send an invite for ASKTO
Dull hit sound THUMP
Group of reps, in gym lingo SET
“Amazing Grace” singers CHOIR
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum city HANOI
2020 Grammy nominee whose name looks like a pronoun HER
Place to divide bank heist proceeds in South Korea? TABLEFORWON
Corrida cheer OLE
Pronoun for a sow SHE
“Let’s do this thing!” GAMEON
San ___ (Northern California’s largest city) JOSE
OB/GYN, e.g. DOC
Prove wrong REBUT
Compensation for an usher in Iraq? DINARANDASHOW
Sci-fi saucers UFOS
Tierra ___ Fuego DEL
One may be precious STONE
Sis’ sib, perhaps BRO
Jews and Arabs SEMITES
Possible diagnosis for Lady Macbeth: Abbr. OCD
Densest planet EARTH
Loud hit sound BAM
Primatologist’s subjects APES
Cheap footwear in India? RUPEESLIPPERS
Race with a baton RELAY
Smallish batteries AAS
Hertz rival AVIS
Big name in weed control SCOTTS
Key above Caps Lock TAB
Collectible dispenser maker PEZ
Location of a pirate’s hoard in Thailand? THEBAHTCAVE
Miner concern? ORE
Greet and seat SEEIN
Like a ghost town EERIE
“Call the Midwife” channel PBS
Stubborn beasts ASSES
Lines in an atlas ROADS


___ of the Apostles ACTS
Bygone Iranian monarch SHAH
Japanese beef type KOBE
No later than, briefly TIL
Salem’s state OREGON
Radiohead frontman Yorke THOM
Long-eared hopper HARE
Like brand-new clothes UNWORN
Butted out? MOONED
Bowling target PIN
Play some basketball SHOOTHOOPS
Long swimmers EELS
Jacaranda or juniper TREE
Superficial appearance FACADE
Talk smack about DIS
Voice that’s also a fish BASS
Rewards for attendance DOORPRIZES
Sleep stage initials REM
Part of a court defense ALIBI
It’s enough, in a saying ONCE
Ties the knot WEDS
Lyft alternative UBER
Monsieur : Herr :: Madame : ___ FRAU
Poet Silverstein SHEL
App action TAP
Deanna Troi, for one EMPATH
LPGA Tour pegs TEES
“___ Poetica” ARS
Pageant garments SASHES
French schools LYCEES
Day for an egg hunt EASTER
Have or hold? VERB
Cousin of a Tony OBIE
Khakis, e.g.? TANS
“Educated” author Westover TARA
Gung ho AVID
Rose pollinators BEES
Pat-down grp. TSA
Corp. bigwig CEO
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