Universal Crossword Answers May 06, 2021

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Author: by Kyle Dolan


Stage after larva PUPA
Measures in an old Tootsie Pop ad LICKS
“The Winner Takes It All” band ABBA
Bedroom poster figure, say IDOL
Oscar of “The Last Jedi” ISAAC
Wood strip SLAT
What you’re standing on (see the middle 4 letters in this answer) SOLIDEARTH
Writer Vonnegut KURT
See 10-Down ANYBODY
Defib expert EMT
Softball stat RBI
Heat shield? MITT
Shellfish sometimes swallowed whole OYSTER
Grammy winner ___ Lipa DUA
Red sauce ingredient (middle 3 letters) TOMATOPASTE
Unable to sit still ANTSY
Prime Video’s company AMAZON
___-chic BOHO
Animal with a forked tongue SNAKE
Fight about the dishes, perhaps TIFF
Catlike FELINE
Black-and-white bear PANDA
It connects the Atlantic and Pacific (middle 3 letters) PANAMACANAL
Word before “bod” or “joke” DAD
Lagasse of New Orleans cuisine EMERIL
Adjust, as a radio TUNE
Dashboard device: Abbr. GPS
Drag behind TOW
MeatZZa company DOMINOS
Nothing ___ than perfect LESS
Complain loudly (middle 4 letters) MAKEASTINK
Toledo’s lake ERIE
They’re just not good EVILS
Titillating RACY
“Oh, man!” GEEZ
Coped (with) DEALT
Word in a shoppe name OLDE


Italian city with a famous tower PISA
Japanese wheat noodles UDON
Know-it-all? POLYMATH
Suspect’s story ALIBI
Wasn’t straight with LIEDTO
Brit’s “Goodness me!” ISAY
Vehicle on a ferry CAR
Comedian McKinnon KATE
Work the room SCHMOOZE
With 20-Across, “It’s a well-known fact!” ASK
Utters impulsively BLURTS
Wager over lager, say BARBET
It’s often formal at a wedding ATTIRE
Eccentric DOTTY
Wager for lager, maybe? TYPO
___ Ana SANTA
Bit of gel DAB
Game with Wild cards UNO
In a frenzy MANIC
JennAir alternative AMANA
Occupied TAKEN
Until now SOFAR
Weaved downhill on skis SLALOMED
Refusing to accept something INDENIAL
Vaccine-approving org. FDA
Grapefruit diet, e.g. FAD
Release EMIT
Fruits that flavor some Japanese liqueurs PLUMS
Certain artificial limb PEGLEG
Watt per volt AMPERE
Loch monster, familiarly NESSIE
“Raise your glasses …” ATOAST
Dragster fuel, briefly NITRO
Slight curl in long hair WAVE
Small hollow DELL
Readable with a laser ONCD
Scottish isle where a terrier originated SKYE
Utters, informally SEZ
Seoul-based Soul maker KIA
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