Universal Crossword Answers May 12, 2022

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Author: by Matt Westman


Additionally ALSO
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Possesses OWNS
Hamlet’s relative? TOWN
Capital of Egypt CAIRO
Drudge PEON
Follow to the letter OBEY
Milk dispenser UDDER
Against ANTI
Sartre play that takes place in one room NOEXIT
Seasoned, as peanuts SALTED
Superlative suffix EST
Habitat for many bioluminescent organisms DEEPSEA
“To be of ___” (Marge Piercy poem) USE
Includes on an email CCS
Marker topper CAP
Japanese title of respect SAN
NYC or LA neighborhood NOHO
No longer enthusiastic JADED
Fateful date for Caesar IDES
Frequent flyer AVIATOR
Reach an agreement DOADEAL
Counted up TALLIED
Dated OLD
Samantha Bee’s channel TBS
“Out of thyme,” for anyone except a chef PUN
H.S. equivalency test GED
Honolulu’s home OAHU
Seating level TIER
Isn’t quite boiling SIMMERS
The young Venus and Serena Williams, e.g. PHENOMS
5-Across’ continent ASIA
Competition with roping RODEO
Twofold DUAL
Ceiling spinners FANS
“Island of the Blue Dolphins” author Scott ODELL
One-named Irish singer ENYA
Flock females EWES
Squander WASTE
WWII turning point DDAY


Make things right ATONE
University of New Mexico athletes LOBOS
1988 Guns N’ Roses hit with the lyric “Where do we go?” SWEETCHILDOMINE
Black gemstone, perhaps ONYX
Less than 90 degrees ACUTE
Irate MAD
Prefix meaning “central” MID
“Roses ___ red …” ARE
Like Thor and Loki NORSE
Iridescent gemstone OPAL
Began working in secret, or entered the end of 3-, 37- or 38-Down? WENTUNDERGROUND
What students may take to stay awake? NOTES
Sly and nasty SNIDE
Passports, e.g. IDS
Small batteries AAS
Online greetings ECARDS
Part of a dog’s paw PAD
Accelerated SPEDUP
Old train fuel COAL
Assistant AIDE
Western defense org. NATO
Elliptical OVAL
Quarterback who led the Bengals to Super Bowl LVI JOEBURROW
Bite-size sugary sphere DONUTHOLE
Roof projection EAVE
Skeleton or luge SLED
10% contribution TITHE
Musical orphan ANNIE
Gather over time AMASS
Terminated ENDED
Not out, in softball SAFE
“___ Her Standing There” (Beatles hit) ISAW
Drink that some call “pop” SODA
Bombard with snowballs PELT
“And Still I Rise” poet Angelou MAYA
Crush it like a drag queen SLAY
___ Moines DES
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