Universal Crossword Answers May 15, 2022

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Author: by Lynn Lempel


Ice cream drink SHAKE
Big hit, in two ways SMASH
Hit the slopes SKI
Dealt with enough frustrations HADIT
Definite no-no TABOO
Card game similar to Crazy Eights UNO
*Symbolic Cold War barrier IRONCURTAIN
Bowler’s target PIN
Stereotypical techie NERD
Tattletale RAT
Basic principles TENETS
Stuck-up SNOBBY
Projecting part of a cap VISOR
St. Pete’s state: Abbr. FLA
Tongue’s sensory organ TASTEBUD
Hotel-rating org. AAA
Get trounced LOSE
Meal on a patio, informally BBQ
*Assistants at baseball games BATBOYS
Pint-size WEE
After-school group CLUB
“Great blue” bird HERON
Source of a hippie’s trip LSD
Marine mammal that floats on its back SEAOTTER
Morsel in a crunchy truffle NUT
Part of nearly every English word VOWEL
Tools for neatening lawns EDGERS
Spain plus Portugal, mostly IBERIA
Woman who wore a fig leaf EVE
Users’ payments FEES
Name hidden in “namely” MEL
*Long-leafed growth in a hanging pot SPIDERPLANT
Software coder, informally DEV
Arcade “coin” TOKEN
Attila’s mount HORSE
Bali undergarment BRA
Artery-opening tube STENT
Starting phase ONSET


Knee-ankle connector SHIN
Rabbits’ relatives HARES
Decorate ADORN
List shortener, for short ETC
Homeless dog or cat STRAY
“Friends” actor LeBlanc MATT
Judicial org. ABA
Words of agreement SOITIS
“I’m not kidding!” HONEST
*Big happening for TV advertisers SUPERBOWL
Like a polo shirt KNIT
They must be charged IONS
Sister city of Champaign, Illinois URBANA
Christmas, in some carols NOEL
Lava lamp lump BLOB
Rocket’s trail VAPOR
Potato, for one TUBER
Functions USES
Proof of ownership DEED
Pre-K lesson ABCS
Sufficiently skilled ABLE
*Aftershave brand AQUAVELVA
Lucy’s neighbor on “I Love Lucy” ETHEL
Over there, quaintly YONDER
Close-fitting SNUG
Unrefined person BOOR
Contorts TWISTS
Vessel with a handle and spout TEAPOT
Nonstick coating TEFLON
Baby shower or birthday EVENT
Hind parts REARS
Good judgment SENSE
Site for film info IMDB
Pub crawler’s drink BEER
Spot where fig leaves were worn EDEN
Editor’s “Don’t change that” STET
Vietnamese noodle soup PHO
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