Universal Crossword Answers May 27, 2023

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Author: by Adrian Johnson


Disney character who escapes a forest fire BAMBI
Scratch that! ITCH
Small spasm TIC
Two-way, as a door INOUT
Spanish painter Joan MIRO
“___ estas?” COMO
Motorcycles built for tricks STUNTBIKES
“Black ___” (2022 DC film) ADAM
“___ So Fine” (Chiffons classic) HES
Yang’s partner YIN
Online surfer’s destination WEBPAGE
Dedicated poems ODES
Number of consonants in “audio” ONE
The swans a-swimming in “The 12 Days of Christmas,” e.g. SEPTET
Polynesian-style platter type PUPU
Capital of Togo LOME
“Take a stab at it” GUESS
Like one who doesn’t factor gender into love PANROMANTIC
Chinese performance featuring a lucky fantasy creature DRAGONDANCE
Recovered from an all-nighter SLEPT
Fender bender result DENT
University sports org. NCAA
Cheese sometimes cooked with saag PANEER
8 1/2″ x 11″ paper size: Abbr. LTR
Squirrels’ hangouts OAKS
African LGBTQ+ activist David Kato, for one UGANDAN
Gobble up EAT
Outdoor co-op REI
Italy’s Eternal City ROME
“Can I talk to you real quick?” GOTASECOND
Open-___ shoes TOED
At any point EVER
“That’s the truth!” NOLIE
Sketch-y weekend show, for short? SNL
“Darn it!” RATS
New drivers, often TEENS


Diagonal attacker in chess BISHOP
Stimulated pot growth? ANTEDUP
Wrist rest, of sorts MOUSEPAD
Hot dog holder BUN
___-bitty ITTY
“Please don’t bother me with that right now” IMINNOMOOD
“___ ToK” (2009 Kesha hit) TIK
All hands on deck? CREW
Tubes that may have kinks HOSES
Publicists’ concerns IMAGES
Celestial streakers COMETS
Foamy pick-me-up CAPPUCCINO
The facts of life? BIOLOGY
Sets out BEGINS
Left outside to mature, in a way SUNRIPENED
Pianist Ax EMANUEL
Turn out terribly for all ENDINTEARS
Enjoyed the Colorado’s rapids RAFTED
Sacred Hindu texts TANTRAS
Arugula alternative ESCAROLE
Completely fooled (by) TAKENIN
Bursts of growth SPURTS
Enclosed body of water LAGOON
Crown’s protection ENAMEL
Covert comments onstage ASIDES
Epic party RAGER
PBS science show NOVA
It collapses when the stakes are raised TENT
Hanoi festival TET
Cedar Rapids college COE
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