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Question: Charity’s plea

Solution: GIVE

GIVE Definition 1:
To cause or allow someone to have (something) as a present :to make a present of (something) .
She gave him a camera for Christmas.
Someone gave me a present. = Someone gave a present to me. = I was given a present. = A present was given (to) me.
Are you giving this to me or only lending it?
GIVE Definition 2:
To cause or allow (something valued or needed) to go to another person, group, etc. :donate + obj no obj .
She has given money to many worthy/good causes.
They’re asking people to give money for a new hospital.
give blood
Please give to our charity.
We already gave at the office.
It is better to give than to receive.
GIVE Definition 3:
To put (something) into someone’s hand :to cause someone to hold or possess (something) for a specified reason .
He picked up the letter and gave [=handed] it to me.
He gave me the letter.
He gave me a letter to mail for him. = He gave a letter to me to mail for him.
He gave her his coat to hold.
GIVE Definition 4:
To provide someone with (something wanted or needed) :to allow someone to have (something wanted or needed) .
She has given me a lot of help/support/encouragement. [=she has helped/supported/encouraged me a lot]
They gave me a job. [=they hired me]
He gave me a head start.
I’ll give you a lift/ride to the station. [=I’ll drive you to the station in my car]
I know I can do it if you’ll just give me a chance.
They gave her another opportunity.
Her boss has given her a lot of responsibility/authority.
They gave him the best room available.
The law gives all citizens the right to vote. = The law gives the right to vote to all citizens.
GIVE Definition 5:
To allow someone to have or take (an amount of time) .
Just give me a few more minutes and I’ll be ready.
The doctor gave him two weeks to pay his bill.
GIVE Definition 6:
To treat or regard someone or something with (a particular attitude, feeling, etc.) .
She gave her friend her complete confidence. = She gave her complete confidence to her friend. [=she trusted her friend completely]
He gave the company his loyalty. [=he was loyal to the company]
They’ve worked hard. You should give them some respect. [=you should respect them]
GIVE Definition 7:
To direct (something) toward someone .
She gave him an angry look. [=she looked at him angrily]
He gave her a smile. [=he smiled at her]
GIVE Definition 8:
To tell (information) to someone .
Just give me the facts.
They weren’t able to give us the information we needed.
The witness was reluctant to give evidence.
He gave his name as “John Smith.” [=he said his name was “John Smith”]
The drawing gives [=shows] the dimensions of the room.
The book gives [=provides] a brief history of the industry.
GIVE Definition 9:
To express or say (something) to someone The informal phrase don’t give me that is used in speech to show annoyance when someone tells you something that you do not believe or accept. .
You have no right to give me orders.
They gave him careful instructions on how to proceed.
Give them my regards. = Give my regards to them.
His parents gave him a lecture about the importance of studying.
The coach gave the team a pep talk.
I give you my word [=I swear; I promise], I knew nothing about their plans.
Just give it to me straight. [=just say what you are going to say to me in a direct way]
“It’s not my fault that we’re late.” “Don’t give me that! You were the one who said we didn’t have to leave early!”
GIVE Definition 10:
To show (something) .
A young artist who has given evidence/signs of real talent
She gave (us) no hint/indication that she was upset or worried.
GIVE Definition 11:
To offer (something) for consideration or acceptance .
He declined to give an opinion.
Can you give an example?
He gave no reason for his absence.
GIVE Definition 12:
To say that someone has or deserves (something) .
He gives the credit for his success to his wife. [=he credits his wife for his success]
GIVE Definition 13:
To cause someone to have or experience (something, such as an emotion, a problem, etc.) .
My car has been giving [=causing] me a lot of trouble lately.
I like Mexican food, but it gives me indigestion.
A book that gives pleasure to the reader
All that noise is giving me a headache. [=I’m getting a headache from all that noise]
It gave me a shock to see how sick he is.
Her encouragement gave me a lot of self-confidence. [=made me feel very self-confident]
GIVE Definition 14:
To cause someone to become affected by (something, such as an illness) .
His sister gave him the measles. [=he got/caught the measles from his sister]
Hearing the joke gave him the giggles. [=hearing the joke made him giggle]
GIVE Definition 15:
To cause someone or something to have (a quality) .
His quiet manner gives him a mysterious air.
The large windows give the room an open feeling.
GIVE Definition 16:
To cause something to be affected by (something) .
He argues that the tax cuts would give a considerable stimulus/boost to the economy.
GIVE Definition 17:
To cause someone to get or take (a medicine) .
The doctor gave the patient a pill.
The doctor gave him an injection.
The drug is usually given intravenously.
GIVE Definition 18:
To present (a show, speech, etc.) in public .
give a concert/lecture/talk/speech/reading/performance
GIVE Definition 19:
To provide (something) as entertainment or as a social gathering .
give [=throw] a party
give a formal dinner
GIVE Definition 20:
To do (an action) .
She gave the door a push. [=she pushed the door]
He gave her a hug. [=he hugged her]
He gave a cynical smile. [=he smiled cynically]
She picked up the package and gave it a shake. [=she shook the package]
The referee gave [=made] the signal to start the game.
The ship gave a sudden lurch. [=the ship lurched suddenly]
GIVE Definition 21:
To cause someone to experience or suffer (a form of punishment) .
His father gave the boy a whipping.
The judge gave him life (imprisonment) for murder.
GIVE Definition 22:
To cause someone to undergo or do (something) .
The teacher gave the class a test.
GIVE Definition 23:
To give something thought/consideration (etc.) is to think about it. .
We’ve given your proposal a lot of thought and careful consideration. [=we’ve thought about your proposal a lot and considered it carefully]
GIVE Definition 24:
To give someone a call/ring/buzz/bell is to make a telephone call to someone. .
I’ll give you a call later.
GIVE Definition 25:
If you try to do something, you give it a try or (informally) give it a go/shot/stab. .
I’ve never gone skiing before, but I’m willing to give it a try.
GIVE Definition 26:
If you would give anything or give your right hand/arm to do or to have something, you want to do or have it very much. .
I’d give anything to be able to sing like that!
GIVE Definition 27:
To make (something, such as your hand) available for someone When a woman gives her hand in marriage to a man, she marries him. This is a formal and somewhat old-fashioned expression..
She gave [=offered] her hand to him to shake/kiss. = She gave him her hand to shake/kiss. [=she held out her hand toward him so that he could shake/kiss it]
She gave him her arm [=she linked her arm in his arm] and they walked together into the room.
GIVE Definition 28:
pay .
I wouldn’t give a penny for that old bike!
If you have an extra ticket, I’ll give you $20 for it.
GIVE Definition 29:
sell .
I’m willing to give you the ticket for $20.
GIVE Definition 30:
To say or judge that someone or something will last for (an amount of time) .
The doctor gave him only a few weeks to live. [=the doctor said that he would live for only a few weeks]
Their marriage will never work. I give it/them six months—tops!
GIVE Definition 31:
To admit (something) to or about someone .
He made an effort, I’ll give him that (much). [=I’ll admit that he made an effort]
I don’t really like his movies, but he’s a talented actor, I’ll give you that. [=I admit that he is a talented actor]
GIVE Definition 32:
To have or produce (something) as a product, result, or effect .
Medical procedures that give better results
Cows give milk.
GIVE Definition 33:
To cause someone to believe or think (something) followed by to + verb To give someone an idea/impression (etc.) is to cause someone to believe or think something. .
They gave [=led] me to understand that they’d be arriving later.
Whatever gave you the idea (that) he loved you?! [=whatever made you think that he loved you?]
I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. [=I’m sorry if I misled you; I’m sorry if you got the wrong impression from me]
I don’t know what gave her the notion that she could treat people that way.
GIVE Definition 34:
To bend because of force, pressure, or strain .
The branch gave [=sagged] under his weight, but it didn’t break.
GIVE Definition 35:
To break because of force, pressure, or strain .
The branch suddenly gave [=gave way] under his weight, and he fell to the ground.
GIVE Definition 36:
To stop trying to resist or oppose something :to give in or submit to pressure .
Both sides refuse to give [=refuse to accept or agree to the demands of the other side] in this dispute.
For the strike to be settled, something has (got) to give! [=one side or the other has to give in]
GIVE Definition 37:
used to indicate a possible or assumed state or condition .
Give him his books and his music and he’s happy. [=he is happy if he has his books and his music]
(If) Given better conditions, she’d do the work even better. = She’d do the work even better (if) given better conditions. = If she were given better conditions, she’d do the work even better.
GIVE Definition 38:
used to say what you want to have or would prefer to have .
“…give me liberty, or give me death!” [=I would rather die than live without liberty] Patrick Henry, Speech (1775)
The country’s OK—but give me the city any day! [=I prefer the city]
GIVE Definition 39:
used in phrases like give a damn to say that you do not care at all about something .
He angrily told her that he didn’t give a damn what she did.

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