USA Today Crossword Answer for Question: Give in a bit

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Question: Give in a bit

Solution: BEND

BEND Definition 1:
To use force to cause (something, such as a wire or pipe) to become curved .
bend a wire into a circle
bend the cable around a wheel
He bent the bow and shot an arrow from it.
His glasses got bent when he dropped them.
BEND Definition 2:
To curve out of a straight line or position sometimes used figuratively .
The road bends [=curves, turns] to the left.
The trees were bending in the wind.
The branch will bend before it breaks.
The branches of the fruit tree were bending under their own weight. [=were bending because they were so heavy]
She refused to bend under pressure to change her decision.
A politician accused of bending to the will of wealthy supporters [=being influenced by wealthy supporters; doing the things that are wanted by wealthy supporters]
BEND Definition 3:
To move your body so that it is not straight .
She bent down/over/forward to pick up a piece of paper and then she straightened up again.
He bent back to look up at the ceiling.
bend to the left and then bend to the right
bend at the waist
He bent double with pain. [=he bent forward from the waist because he was in extreme pain]
BEND Definition 4:
To move (part of your body, such as an arm or leg) so that it is not straight In formal language, if you bend yourself to or bend your strength/energy/efforts (etc.) to/toward something (such as a job or task), you work hard in order to do it. .
bend a knee
bend a leg
bend an arm
bend [=tilt] your head
He has bent himself [=applied himself] to the task of making the company more efficient and profitable.
They are bending their efforts toward completing the job on time.
They bent their minds to [=gave a lot of thought to; thought hard about] the problem.

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