USA Today Crossword Answer for Question: Poker prize

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Question: Poker prize

Solution: POT

POT Definition 1:
A deep, round container that is used for cooking see picture at kitchen.
A soup pot
He scrubbed the pots and pans.
POT Definition 2:
A container that is used for storing or holding something see also chamber pot chimney pot coffeepot flowerpot lobster pot melting pot stockpot teapot.
Clay pots
(Brit) a yogurt/paint pot
He is growing tomato plants in pots.
POT Definition 3:
The amount of something held by a pot often + of .
She made a pot of tea.
POT Definition 4:
A large amount of something usually + of often plural .
She earned a pot of money on that job.
His comments have stirred up a pot of trouble.
She earned pots of money.
POT Definition 5:
The total amount of money that can be won in a card game and that is made up of all the bets put together :kitty .
He took the pot. [=he won all the money that was bet]
There is over $100 in the pot.
POT Definition 6:
The total amount of money that has been gathered from many people for some purpose :kitty .
A donor added $1,000 to the pot in support of the theater company.
POT Definition 7:
potbelly usually singular .
I’m so out of shape—look at this pot!
POT Definition 8:
toilet usually singular .
Sat on the pot
POT Definition 9:
A shot that causes a ball to fall into a pocket in games like snooker and pool.

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