USA Today Crossword Answer for Question: Respond to reveille

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Question: Respond to reveille

Solution: RISE

RISE Definition 1:
To move upward often + up sometimes used figuratively .
Smoke was rising into the air.
Bubbles rose to the surface of water.
The airplane rose [=(more formally) ascended] into the sky.
Smoke was rising up into the air.
The airplane rose up from the runway.
His spirits rose [=he began to feel happier] when he heard the good news.
RISE Definition 2:
To become higher .
The tide rose and fell.
The river is rising.
RISE Definition 3:
To slope or extend upward often + up .
The land rises as you move away from the coast.
The road rose gently/steeply.
A tower rising above the little town
Steeply/sharply rising mountain peaks
The mountains rose up before us.
RISE Definition 4:
To advance to a higher level or position :to become more popular, successful, etc. .
A politician who rose to fame/power/prominence very quickly
Empires rise [=become powerful, important, etc.] and fall.
The book has risen to the top of best-seller lists.
She rose through the ranks of the company to become president. [=she began her career with the company with little power or authority and gradually gained more power and authority until she had become president]
She has risen in my estimation. [=I think more highly of her; I respect/admire her more]
RISE Definition 5:
To increase in amount, number, level, etc. :to become more .
Sales have risen [=increased] in recent months.
People are angry about rising gasoline prices.
The population has been rising [=growing] dramatically/sharply/markedly.
Stocks rose (by) several points in early trading today.
The market is continuing to rise.
RISE Definition 6:
To become stronger :to increase in strength .
The wind rose in the afternoon.
My anger rose as I thought about what she had said.
RISE Definition 7:
To become louder :to increase in volume .
The music rose and fell.
Her voice rose to an angry shout.
RISE Definition 8:
To stand up .
He rose slowly (to his feet).
She quickly rose from the chair and began to walk away.
RISE Definition 9:
To get up from sleeping in a bed .
He rose refreshed after a good night’s sleep.Rise and shine! [=wake up and get out of bed]
RISE Definition 10:
To appear above the horizon opposite set 11.
The sun rises [=comes up] in the morning and sets at night.
We watched as the moon rose in the eastern sky.
RISE Definition 11:
To become bigger because of being filled with air bubbles made through a chemical process .
Yeast will make the dough rise.
RISE Definition 12:
To begin to fight in order to remove a ruler or government often + up .
The people rose in rebellion/revolt.
He told the people that they should rise up and overthrow the corrupt government.
RISE Definition 13:
To live again after dying :to come back to life .
A belief that the dead will rise again [=will live again]
Christians believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

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