USA Today Crossword Answer for Question: School-zone sign word

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Question: School-zone sign word

Solution: SLOW

SLOW Definition 1:
Not moving quickly :not able to move quickly .
A slow, old dog
A slow runner/pace/speed
SLOW Definition 2:
Not happening quickly :taking more time than is expected or wanted .
A slow growth/increase/process
Bureaucracy is always slow.
SLOW Definition 3:
Not operating quickly .
A slow computer
SLOW Definition 4:
Not doing something quickly :not able to do something quickly .
The buyers were slow to act, and the house was sold to someone else.
A slow reader/learner
SLOW Definition 5:
Not allowing someone or something to move quickly .
A slow racetrack/route
SLOW Definition 6:
Not easily able to learn and understand things .
He was a quiet boy who seldom spoke, and some people thought he was a little slow.
SLOW Definition 7:
Not very busy or interesting .
A slow market
Business is slow during the summer.
The first few chapters are slow, but after that it gets better.
SLOW Definition 8:
Showing a time that is earlier than the correct time .
The clock is (five minutes) slow.
SLOW Definition 9:
Not allowing photographs to be taken very quickly or when there is very little light .
slow film

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