USA Today Crossword Answer for Question: Word with ego or guilt

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Question: Word with ego or guilt

Solution: TRIP

TRIP Definition 1:
A journey to a place often + to see also field trip road trip round trip.
They got back from their trip yesterday.
A trip around the world
How was your trip?
A day trip [=a journey in which you go to visit a place and then return to your home on the same day]
She is away on a business trip. [=she is traveling as part of her work]
She took a trip to Europe.
TRIP Definition 2:
A short journey to a store, business, office, etc., for a particular purpose usually + to .
He made a trip to the dentist.
I need to make a quick trip to the store for milk and eggs.
TRIP Definition 3:
The experience of strange mental effects (such as seeing things that are not real) that is produced by taking a very powerful drug (such as LSD) .
He was on an acid trip.
TRIP Definition 4:
An act of falling or nearly falling that is caused by accidentally hitting your foot on something as you are walking or running .
An ankle injury caused by a trip
TRIP Definition 5:
An exciting or unusual experience or person .
The party was quite a trip.
His mother is a trip.
TRIP Definition 6:
An experience or activity that is like a journey see also ego trip guilt trip power trip.
He’s on a nostalgia trip. [=he is thinking about the past a lot]

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