USA Today Crossword Answers April 02, 2024

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Author: by Mark Valdez


Exit key ESC
Hashtag for an old pic TBT
“You’re so full of it!” LIAR
“Let’s hit the ___!” ROAD
Cookie with a version inspired by Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” album OREO
Fictional lion who sings “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” SIMBA
Natural ‘do AFRO
Mystic who interprets hand lines PALMREADER
“Fess up!” ADMITIT
THC-infused gummy EDIBLE
“Is this seat ___?” TAKEN
Reddit Q&As AMAS
Took a shot TRIED
Spot to doodle NOTEPAD
Country home to the Great Wall CHINA
Cooing bird DOVE
Gobsmack AWE
Tolkien monster ORC
Atom with a charge ION
“Omg, a mouse!” EEK
Noggin HEAD
“Pitch Perfect 2” director Elizabeth BANKS
Ice cream or cheesecake DESSERT
A la ___ (menu option) CARTE
Bat’s dwelling CAVE
Harsh, like a storm SEVERE
Bar of music MEASURE
An aspiring gardener might purchase these PLANTSEEDS
Totals SUMS
Donkeys ASSES
“The ___ Is High” (Atomic Kitten bop) TIDE
“Silver Haze” actress Creed-Miles ESME
Brooklyn team that plays at the Barclays Center NETS
Whichever ANY
Accessory sold at Lids HAT


Notable period ERA
Living room seat SOFA
Some sleight-of-hand illusions CARDTRICKS
The Polar Express, for one TRAIN
Sing loudly BELT
Former “Dancing With the Stars” host Bergeron TOM
Act as a go-between LIAISE
Site with movie trivia IMDB
Biblical brother ABEL
Uncommon RARE
Made a choice OPTED
Put under SEDATE
Get rid of REMOVE
Furniture store with a cafeteria IKEA
Unknown author, for short ANON
Number of months in a quarter THREE
Prop for Seurat in “Sunday in the Park With George” PAINTBRUSH
Stopped snoozing AWOKE
Bears’ homes DENS
Like Brown University after merging with Pembroke College in 1971 COED
“Why ___ It Have To Be Me?” (ABBA tune) DID
Starts a tennis match SERVES
Detest HATE
Shapes on Valentine’s Day cards HEARTS
Some trivia venues BARS
Turn on AROUSE
Parts of plays SCENES
Pursue CHASE
Nickname for Theodore TEDDY
Extend across SPAN
“What ___ is new?” ELSE
Extremely wide VAST
Chow ___ (Chinese American dish) MEIN
“When ___ Falls in Love” (Taylor Swift vault track from “Speak Now”) EMMA
“u almost here?” ETA
Solidify, like Jell-O SET
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