USA Today Crossword Answers April 06, 2021

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Author: by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano


Hand protector MITT
In the thick of AMID
___ a complaint LODGE
’60s superstar Sedgwick EDIE
Pro ___ work BONO
Villainous expression SNEER
Mardi Gras city’s nickname NOLA
Knee parts, for short ACLS
Clog removal brand DRANO
Bargain-basement ULTRACHEAP
Hardworking insects ANTS
Arctic Indigenous group INUIT
Genre played at raves EDM
Makes smooth SANDS
Stay silent about a secret KEEPMUM
Cruise stop PORT
Like some milk and grains WHOLE
Actress de Armas ANA
It grants labor protections UNIONMEMBERSHIP
Dia de ___ Madres (Mexican holiday) LAS
River vessel CANOE
Gentle touches PATS
Foretell PREDICT
Personal flair STYLE
World Cup winners in 2019 USA
Remove an identifier from a photo UNTAG
Leading lady STAR
Wake up too early UNDERSLEEP
“For real” NOLIE
Boundary EDGE
Field of study AREA
Place to exchange vows ALTAR
Genesis and Dreamcast company SEGA
Fine sediment SILT
Prepares for the future PLANS
Airport people mover TRAM
Get-together, informally SESH


List of dishes MENU
Person you look up to IDOL
Lean to one side TILT
Rip apart TEARINTO
Cranmer ___ (calculation tool) ABACUS
Chewy rice confection MOCHI
Narrow waterway INLET
Pancake served with sambar DOSA
Hallucinogenic initials LSD
Freeway entrance ONRAMP
College official DEAN
Well-mannered chap GENT
Greek love god EROS
“___ I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” (Jennifer Holliday hit) AND
Horror director Jordan PEELE
Elk, e.g. DEER
Underwater navigation tool SONAR
Come up ARISE
Japanese beef KOBE
Taj ___ MAHAL
Join together UNITE
References for road trips MAPS
Fleshy fruit part PULP
Took one’s turn WENT
Medical insurance grp. HMO
CBS procedural NCIS
Gambling enclave near Hong Kong MACAU
Small handheld telescope SPYGLASS
“King of fruits” with a strong fragrance DURIAN
Watch live online STREAM
Alabama A&M aides TAS
Cow’s milk source UDDER
Ruth who played Mildred Loving NEGGA
“___ out of it!” SNAP
Bridge fee TOLL
Rockies ski resort ALTA
Robin’s home NEST
Pennsylvania’s fourth-largest city ERIE
Unagi roll ingredients EELS
Forge your own ___ PATH
Places for some RNs ERS
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