USA Today Crossword Answers April 28, 2022

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Author: by Malaika Handa


“I see!” AHA
Food in a soft or hard shell TACO
Teakettle output STEAM
Ghana’s “Harbour City” TEMA
Click of the fingers SNAP
Common lassi flavor MANGO
Skin designs TATTOOART
Double-___ sword EDGED
Blunders ERRORS
“Not a ___” (frequent correction from Janet on “The Good Place”) GIRL
French for “island” ILE
“Ugh, I can’t ___ that guy” STAND
___ point (center of activity) FOCAL
Zero NIL
Shaming syllable TSK
Course whose S stands for “Second” ESL
Networks SYSTEMS
Stops sleeping WAKES
Fashion designer Kawakubo REI
Romance novelist known for “Get a Life, Chloe Brown” TALIAHIBBERT
Was introduced to MET
“Walk the dog” toys YOYOS
Stopping HALTING
Prefix for “natal” or “liberal” NEO
It’s given as a greeting DAP
Soccer match shout OLE
Lunch and dinner, for example MEALS
“It’s just one of ___ things” THOSE
Playing phone ___ TAG
Shaadi garment SARI
Button-downs, etc. SHIRTS
In ___ straits DIRE
Covering that hides legs but isn’t a garment TABLESKIRT
“That’s fine” OKAY
Bird in the heron family EGRET
And others (Abbr.) ETAL
Catan or chess GAME
Works through a TBR list READS
Shoe bottom SOLE


Confirm ATTEST
These: <3 <3 <3 HEARTS
Better-known name for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation AMTRAK
General ___ chicken TSOS
Actress de Armas ANA
Freight CARGO
How it looks OPTICS
Little bit TAD
Angie Jones or Hedy Lamarr ENGINEER
Birthdate-based restriction AGELIMIT
Fashion show stars MODELS
Like ___ of bricks ATON
Stressful experience ORDEAL
Sunbeam, for example RAY
Leaping insect FLEA
Compete in super-G SKI
Uno + dos TRES
Unit of electricity WATT
Bashful SHY
Medium for messages TELEGRAM
Atoms with charges IONS
“See ya!” BYE
Diner seating options BOOTHS
Journalist Jabali MALAIKA
A Chicago-style one is served on a poppy seed bun HOTDOG
Chats online IMS
More tidy NEATER
Parking structure GARAGE
Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch chip DORITO
___ projection (out-of-body travel) ASTRAL
Kitchen tool used with a mortar PESTLE
Sep.-Oct. zodiac sign LIBRA
Long walks in nature HIKES
Parts of volleyball matches SETS
Spot for kohl liner EYE
Was in charge of LED
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