USA Today Crossword Answers December 27, 2023

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Author: by Willa Angel Chen Miller


Reverberate ECHO
Pho or clam chowder, e.g. SOUP
Hamster’s enclosure CAGE
Michigan’s neighbor OHIO
“Be quiet!” SHUSH
App that lets drivers and passengers rate each other UBER
Bands’ second releases SOPHOMOREALBUMS
Pieces in some nautical board games SHIPS
Store that sells outdoor gear REI
Venomous viper ASP
“___ not you, ___ me.” ITS
One of six on Peppermint Patty’s cheeks FRECKLE
A cannonball makes a big one SPLASH
Not bold MEEK
Religious sister NUN
Scalp pest LOUSE
“Time ___ tell . . .” WILL
___ cats (organize a chaotic group) HERD
“Come back for more cheesy jokes!” IMHEREALLWEEK
Do really well SLAY
Goals AIMS
Dragonborn and Halfling, in D&D RACES
Beer container that’s tapped KEG
Apple assistant SIRI
Country where red lemonade is sold IRELAND
Prefix for “gender” CIS
“Gangnam Style” artist PSY
Not quite right OFF
Housewarming event, e.g. PARTY
“That was so incredibly helpful, thanks!” YOUREALIFESAVER
Disney’s ice queen ELSA
Actors memorize them LINES
Flower that symbolizes innocence LILY
Series of local talks TEDX
Most minimal LEAST
Huron or Superior, e.g. LAKE


Lip balm brand EOS
“Fire Island” actress Margaret CHO
Cool HIP
___ and aahs OOHS
Goes to the mall SHOPS
Yours and mine OURS
Put into practice USE
“Happy” artist Williams PHARRELL
___ foot (unit of volume) CUBIC
Aladdin’s monkey friend ABU
Aquamarine, e.g. GEM
Ambulance destinations ERS
Bessie known as the “Empress of the Blues” SMITH
“That makes sense now!” OHISEE
Scallion relative LEEK
Language with fingerspelling ASL
“Darth Vader is Luke’s father,” e.g. SPOILER
Peacock’s pride PLUMAGE
Cuts down, like a tree FELLS
Mid-leg bone KNEECAP
People who observe but don’t participate LURKERS
Wrap up END
Like a dirty fireplace ASHY
Home to the Heat MIAMI
Unusual WEIRD
Certain precipitation RAINFALL
Rips away WRESTS
Do a winter sport SKI
Pig’s home STY
Free from danger SAFE
Most serious DIREST
Kid-lit character who “speaks for the trees” LORAX
Baristas’ workplaces CAFES
___ colada PINA
Southern pronoun YALL
So far YET
World Cup cheer OLE
American currency (Abbr.) USD
Be dishonest LIE
By way of VIA
Large deer ELK
Bread type RYE
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