USA Today Crossword Answers February 14, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Somen alternative SOBA
Slip-___ (shoes) ONS
Animal said to have nine lives CAT
United ___ Emirates ARAB
“Incredible!” OHWOW
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your ___” HAIR
Cacao tidbits NIBS
Gambling destination on the Riviera MONTECARLO
Elf’s creation TOY
Give lip to SASS
Serious-sounding name ERNEST
Like the Zhou dynasty ANCIENT
Small nose ring STUD
Every part ALL
Anti-theft device ALARM
Scheduled to arrive DUE
“Catch my ___?” DRIFT
Confidence raiser EGOBOOST
Opening in a sponge PORE
Celebrate REVEL
Is remorseful about RUES
“You played well!” GOODGAME
Little bighorns LAMBS
Murals or portraits ART
Kitchen appliance brand OSTER
Four-qt. measure GAL
Oohs and ___ AAHS
Tennis since 1968 OPENERA
Pizza slice, often EIGHTH
Hecklers’ cries BOOS
Pop’s partner, perhaps DAD
Dessert often topped with cherry sauce CHEESECAKE
Kani salad ingredient MAYO
UFC champion Holly HOLM
Cream of the crop ALIST
“Cut it out!” STOP
Make a choice OPT
Ferret or cat, e.g. PET
Mannerly bloke GENT


Target of a NORAD flight tracker SANTA
Constellation with a belt ORION
Common veggie tray item BABYCARROT
Crunches work them ABS
Totally crushes OWNS
Do ___ disturb NOT
Glazed breakfast bun SWEETROLL
Show empathy CARE
Feels unwell AILS
Turkey ___ (Thanksgiving race) TROT
Sultan Qaboos country OMAN
Ornamental plant with broad leaves HOSTA
Round of applause HAND
Part of a fairy tale trail CRUMB
___-help books SELF
“Alright, that was false” ILIED
Herb sacred to many Natives SAGE
Chadwick Boseman film role LEVEE
Outing for two couples DOUBLEDATE
Puts to work USES
UFO engineers, perhaps ETS
Word after “trap” or “back” DOOR
Garbage pile TRASHHEAP
Financial expert Suze ORMAN
Golf org. PGA
Defib specialists EMTS
Animals involved in some yoga classes GOATS
Gets older AGES
Corner chess pieces ROOKS
“Excuse me . . .” AHEM
Joy Harjo, for one POET
Synthetic silk RAYON
Bring home ADOPT
Sound heard in a tunnel ECHO
“Come hungry, leave happy” chain IHOP
Coin-shaped Hanukkah candy GELT
Entice in a trap BAIT
The Browns, on an NFL scoreboard CLE
Xiao long bao additive MSG
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