USA Today Crossword Answers June 05, 2021

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Author: by Amanda Rafkin


Word akin to “fewer” LESS
Fast-food additive MSG
Name on thesauruses ROGET
Foreboding sign OMEN
Some batteries AAAS
“Skyfall” singer ADELE
Place to grab cheap beer in the neighborhood LOCALDIVE
Sacred object TOTEM
Approves OKS
Bambi, e.g. DEER
Answer an invite RSVP
“The Stars ___ Our Feet” BENEATH
Part of mph PER
Was introduced to MET
“___ be an honor!” ITD
“Once on ___ Island” THIS
Connoisseur MAVEN
Hawaiian island that’s home to the Prince Lot Hula Festival OAHU
“And so on . . .” ETC
Drink that might give you brain freeze ICEE
Well-kept NEAT
Word after “oyster” or “nail” BED
App that has a review of itself YELP
Band shirts and posters, e.g. MERCH
Wile E. Coyote’s gadget supplier ACME
Where Simone Manuel won gold RIO
“No ___!” WAY
Chuckle syllable HEH
Passed along RELAYED
Cash dispensers ATMS
___ Jojo (rhyming Powerpuff Girls villain) MOJO
Sandwich often served with a toothpick BLT
Clickable images ICONS
“Show some spirit out there!” LOOKALIVE
Scared SHOOK
Prefix for “sexual” DEMI
Leave out OMIT
Source of some trips LSD
Basic tops TEES


Response to a funny text LOL
Dashboard Confessional genre EMO
Romantic anniversary getaway SECONDHONEYMOON
Sir Hiss, in “Robin Hood,” e.g. SNAKE
Furious MAD
Greeted casually SAIDHITO
Donated GAVE
2020 Chinese zodiac animal RAT
Gym bag emanation ODOR
“That will never stop being funny!” GETSMEEVERYTIME
Eggo-loving “Stranger Things” character ELEVEN
Entice TEMPT
Future atty.’s exam LSAT
“What was it that I said again?” REMINDME
“About me” bit BIO
List-ending abbreviation ETAL
Pronouns for some nonbinary people THEYTHEM
Monaco Grand Prix, e.g. RACE
Diving acronym SCUBA
What “v” might mean VERY
Person posting photos to the Gram USER
Apiece EACH
Places to play RECROOMS
Name hidden in “white lies” ELIE
“___ Save America” POD
Powdered green tea leaves MATCHA
Actor Idris ELBA
Place for a kamarbandh WAIST
Wait on the phone HOLD
Dole out ALLOT
Kiss, to 49-Down SNOG
“The Last of Us” protagonist JOEL
Sight out an airplane window SKY
Joke KID
Compete VIE
UFO pilots, perhaps ETS
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