USA Today Crossword Answers May 03, 2021

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Author: by Brooke Husic


Compete like Simone Manuel SWIM
Some desktop computers PCS
Get off ___-free SCOT
Bejeweled headpiece TIARA
___ moss PEAT
“Hollow” singer Kelly TORI
Reassuring phrase ITSOK
Laid-back state EASE
Seriously impresses AWES
Suffix for “differ” ENT
Petty critique NIT
Hang out KICKIT
Chinese exercise QIGONG
Spinning map GLOBE
“They will see us waving from ___ great heights” SUCH
iPhone software IOS
Length times width, for a rectangle AREA
Director’s “Shush!” QUIETONTHESET
Change direction TURN
Used a floor cushion SAT
Aesthetic essence in Indian art RASA
Low-FODMAP and others DIETS
Scientific explanation THEORY
“Spring has ___” SPRUNG
Month after Jun. JUL
Nemo, to Marlin SON
“I really want you to stay” PLEASEDONTGO
“I May Destroy You” creator Michaela COEL
Gator relative CROC
Get on a water taxi BOARD
Mandatory poker bet ANTE
Scottish garment KILT
Boundaries EDGES
Moccasin bit BEAD
Not even ODD
Envisions SEES


504 ___ (1977 disability rights protest) SITIN
“It just ___ meant to be” WASNT
Get the wrinkles out of IRON
Be superficially polite MAKENICE
Anjou fruit PEAR
Public defender’s assignment CASE
A vegan one might be made of seitan STEAK
Sarcastic comment to someone being obnoxious STAYCLASSY
Sacred symbol of life COW
Metallic rock ORE
“___ the season!” TIS
Ocean movement TIDE
Green sauce PESTO
Freedoms RIGHTS
Archaeological outing DIG
East Asian peninsula KOREA
“Jeez, sounds like it!” IBET
Steeped beverage TEA
Increased fivefold QUINTUPLED
Second-worst finish in the top 10 NINTH
Comprehended GOT
More certain SURER
Witty line QUIP
Granola bit OAT
Places for piercings EARLOBES
D.C. Divas scores (Abbr.) TDS
Comedy show since ’75 SNL
DVD release button EJECT
Talkative lizard GECKO
Giant fairy-tale creatures OGRES
Welcome responses from an audience NODS
Extremely dry ARID
Exchanged for money SOLD
Connection point NODE
Taxi CAB
“(No ___ Knows Me) Like the Piano” (Sampha song) ONE
Letter that rhymes with “theta” ETA
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