USA Today Crossword Answers November 12, 2023

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Author: by Jared Goudsmit


“So awesome!” EPIC
Restaurant list MENU
Place for a bracelet WRIST
Couch SOFA
Spheres ORBS
Diwali dye HENNA
Like the world of “Mad Max: Fury Road” POSTAPOCALYPTIC
Had people over HOSTED
Rebuttal to “You’re not!” IAM
Choose OPT
Write in JavaScript or C++ CODE
No, in Moscow NYET
Nuts in pralines PECANS
“Aladdin” monkey ABU
Amazes WOWS
Gas in the stratosphere OZONE
Stand-up performer such as Carrot Top PROPCOMIC is one URL
End of a threat ORELSE
Big fuss ADO
“Aw, shoot!” RATS
Miami NBA team HEAT
Person who’s no social butterfly LONER
Franchises with blue roofs IHOPS
___ Anderson (“Glee” character) BLAINE
Digging tool SPADE
___ Killmonger (“Black Panther” character) ERIK
Checkout counter question PAPERORPLASTIC
Ye olde string instrument LUTE
“Stay by my side, Fido!” HEEL
“Rainbow” fish TROUT
Friend in a conflict ALLY
Love-___ relationship HATE
Drainage system SEWER
Stage and screen actor Diggs TAYE
Country that’s home to Vakil Bazaar IRAN
The Big ___ (NOLA) EASY


Telepath’s power ESP
Roo’s pal POOH
“Assuming that’s the case . . .” IFSO
Type of X-ray image CATSCAN
Bikes with engines MOPEDS
Eat away at ERODE
“Lopez vs Lopez” network NBC
Olympic sprinter with an apt surname USAINBOLT
“Can’t someone else do it?” WHYME
One hammer curl, e.g. REP
Passionate about INTO
Cut with scissors SNIP
Mediator’s skill TACT
Do penance ATONE
One-handed basketball shots LAYUPS
Number of acts in the play “Jitney” TWO
Rain heavily POUR
Progressive journalist Klein EZRA
Young male horse COLT
They may be measured in square miles AREAS
Person wearing a khanjar, maybe OMANI
Become broader WIDEN
Get a goal SCORE
Word before “cook” or “school” PREP
Musicians such as Sheku Kanneh-Mason and Tina Guo CELLISTS
“I’ve found you out!” OHO
Disapproving glance SIDEEYE
Acorn producer OAKTREE
“Ramona and ___ Father” (kids’ book) HER
Certain undergarment BRA
Paintball fight sound SPLAT
Actress ___ Jai Parker PAULA
In a fitting manner APTLY
“Dead Like Me” actress Muth ELLEN
“Didn’t see ya there!” OHHI
Booty REAR
Org. that advocates for veganism PETA
Cedar Rapids’ state IOWA
Actors’ prompts CUES
“Make an effort!” TRY
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