USA Today Crossword Answers November 17, 2023

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Author: by Rafael Musa


Young fellow LAD
Cause of some cramps PMS
Feng ___ (interior design philosophy) SHUI
Ways to determine how people or places make you feel VIBECHECKS
Philly ivy PENN
“Happens all the time” IMUSEDTOIT
Chile-to-Argentina direction EAST
Dissuade DETER
“___ Enchanted” ELLA
Indigenous people of Canada CREE
Dinner booking, for short RES
“I expected more from you” DOBETTER
Ottoman Empire rulers SULTANS
Game with +2 cards UNO
Train that makes every stop LOCAL
Desensitizes NUMBS
Mosquito bite symptom ITCH
___ and wanes WAXES
No longer relevant MOOT
Arcade coin TOKEN
“___ me!” (“No idea!”) BEATS
Happiness JOY
Winter vehicle with no wheels SLED
When toddlers rest up NAPTIME
Neither here ___ there NOR
Distort WARP
Unit of laundry LOAD
Go off the ___ (lose control) RAILS
Geometry calculation AREA
“Don’t tell anyone!” ITSASECRET
Named, for short IDED
Not going to change SETINSTONE
Metal containers TINS
Class for some immigrants, for short ESL
___, Crackle and Pop SNAP


Key ___ pie LIME
Share a border ABUT
Gobi or Atacama DESERT
Degree for most college profs PHD
___ out (distribute) METE
Chastise SCOLD
What the “S” in ASD stands for SPECTRUM
Texting symbol that shows love HEARTEMOJI
“Ew, I wish I could ___ that!” UNSEE
Prefix with “national” or “faith” INTER
TikTok upload, for short VID
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, e.g. CEREAL
The “k” in kg KILO
Wild guesses STABS
Precipitation that almost never happens in Florida SNOW
Very long time EON
Spades or diamonds SUIT
“Do ___ others . . .” UNTO
What a user sees before entering their phone password LOCKSCREEN
Wound covering SCAB
Brand of body spray AXE
___ and bust cycles BOOM
Eyelid bump STYE
Rooftop landing sites HELIPADS
Swiftie or Twihard STAN
Nickname for Edward NED
Fungi’s reproductive units SPORES
Places to buy sandwiches DELIS
Stretches of land TRACTS
Anticipate AWAIT
Rapper ___ B CARDI
Short message NOTE
“The ___ of Ink” (The Used song) TASTE
Platform for a speaker DAIS
Metal with the symbol Fe IRON
Actress Headey LENA
A ___ in the right direction STEP
Bowen Yang’s show, for short SNL
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