New York Times Crossword Answers November 18, 2023

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Author: Hoang-Kim Vu
Editor: Will Shortz


Modern meeting organizer ZOOMHOST
Opens up, in a way BLOOMS
Radicchio relative ESCAROLE
Common bit of knitwear BEANIE
Kitchen item for preparing cookies or pizza SHEETPAN
Shade named for a bird TEAL
Recipe part STEP
Certain descriptor after a signature nowadays HEHIM
Elder Stark daughter on "Game of Thrones" SANSA
___ Institute, home of the Carl Sagan Center SETI
Brown-y points, for short? TDS
Start on a draft, say SIP
Drove RAN
Feast for "holiday orphans" FRIENDSGIVING
Writer with good taste? FOODCOLUMNIST
One way to stress something that's important DRAMATICPAUSE
Caribbean spirit RUM
Hit song title for Abba or Rihanna SOS
Apple core, for short CPU
Athlete's affliction also called "twisties" in gymnastics, with "the" YIPS
Musical intermission? REST
Leaves for lunch, maybe SALAD
Walks and runs, e.g. STATS
Makeup of some wet bars SOAP
It may be buried LEDE
Arcade fixture with miniature toys and candy as prizes CLAWGAME
Proceed with gusto LETRIP
"Did you enjoy yourself?" HOWWASIT
Sessions of congress? TRYSTS
Flashes of understanding INSIGHTS


Kitchen shavings ZESTS
___ Jackson Jr., actor who portrayed his father in "Straight Outta Compton" OSHEA
Charybdis' milieu OCEAN
Charybdis, for one MAELSTROM
Treatment for someone in transition, in brief HRT
"My bad!" OOPS
Mattress support SLATS
Something held in church TENET
Channel established under a royal charter BBC
Genesis woman LEAH
Retreats in the sand OASES
Up and coming ONTHERISE
One decidedly not laissez-faire MILITANT
Supposed SEEMING
Turn down PASSUP
Brand with three stripes ADIDAS
Burger burgled by the Hamburglar BIGMAC
Slice of pie, mathematically SECTOR
Contents of some old calendars PINUPS
Festivity with mountains of bubbles FOAMPARTY
Bangs, e.g. NOISES
Gamer's post-purchase add-ons, for short DLC
Photo of someone holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, say VISUALGAG
Like a daiquiri vis-à-vis a shot of whiskey, say FRUITIER
Curing technique DRYSALT
Moves around STIRS
Winter Olympics locale SOCHI
Sharp point on a kite TALON
One might attach to a toddler's backpack LEASH
Receive ADMIT
The 411 DEETS
Apt rhyme for "fit" SNIT
Print sources, maybe PAWS
E.T.A. provider GPS
Setting for the film "1917," familiarly WWI
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