USA Today Crossword Answers November 20, 2021

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Author: by Patrick Blindauer


Jeans brand with an earthy-sounding name MUDD
Hiking trail, e.g. PATH
Most populous continent ASIA
Neighborhood AREA
Salami type GENOA
Take a load off REST
Many “Sister Act” characters NUNS
Take place OCCUR
Village People hit YMCA
“Sounds right!” IBET
Mexican Spanish word before “va” or “pues” ORALE
She played Ninny Threadgoode in “Fried Green Tomatoes” JESSICATANDY
Hospital depts. ERS
Calf-length pants CAPRIS
Rich cake TORTE
Rhyming Tetris-like game in which blocks and ghosts are cleared PACATTACK
___-Wan Kenobi OBI
Comics artist Henderson ERICA
G major, e.g. KEY
Naive philanthropists DOGOODERS
Plants-to-be SEEDS
Long for DESIRE
Journalist Curry ANN
Animal Crossing or Metroid, e.g. NINTENDOGAME
“___ MODE” (Travis Scott hit) SICKO
List entry ITEM
Missing AWOL
How some tuna is preserved INOIL
Tom yum cuisine THAI
Airport area GATE
Winnie the Pooh creator MILNE
Mister, in German HERR
Ankh: Gods of Egypt designer Lang ERIC
Doe’s mate STAG
“Anything ___?” ELSE
Skillful DEFT


Grammy winner Blige MARYJ
“I can help!” USEME
Frisbees, shapewise DISCS
Statistician’s sample DATASET
Loses one’s cool PANICS
Island north of Venezuela ARUBA
Core principle TENET
“___ la vista!” HASTA
Crack, like a code DECRYPT
15th-century Peruvian INCA
Aretha Franklin genre SOUL
Long-eared hopper HARE
Accomplished in GOODAT
Feeling that leads to a hulk-out IRE
Final Four org. NCAA
Leaf blower alternative RAKE
Like some teas and coffees ICED
“The ___ the limit!” SKYS
Sweeney ___ (title Sondheim character) TODD
Double-reeded woodwind OBOE
Dishonestly fixes RIGS
Prefix in the word “prefix” PRE
Scuba tank filler AIR
Loops in on an email thread CCS
Garden depicted in “The Fall of Man” EDEN
Making pig sounds OINKING
Baltimore baseballer ORIOLE
Lead-in to “Caps” or “Balls” SNO
Planning to marry ENGAGED
Think highly of ADMIRE
Ten-percent donation TITHE
Tony Award winner Merman ETHEL
Comes closer NEARS
Clued in AWARE
Recurring theme MOTIF
Rhyming synonym of “select” ELECT
The ___ (game with virtual people) SIMS
Still competitive INIT
Soda-flavored Slurpee option COLA
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