USA Today Crossword Answers November 21, 2023

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Author: by Emily Carroll


Dogs’ sounds BARKS
Urban pollution SMOG
Org. that defends LGBTQ+ rights ACLU
Eagerly anticipate AWAIT
Pioneering DVR brand TIVO
Enemies FOES
Object that’s fed when street parking METER
Heavy burden ONUS
Age of many kindergarten students FIVE
Air-removing tool often used for food preservation VACUUMSEALER
Not online, for short IRL
Forget-me-___ NOTS
Colored parts of eyes IRISES
Boiled Chinese snack with a marbled pattern TEAEGG
Train in a boxing ring SPAR
Slice, like a turkey CARVE
Word after “duct” or “masking” TAPE
Gush forth SPEW
J-pop icon who recorded Japan’s bestselling album “First Love” HIKARUUTADA
Wall St. debut IPO
There are 10 in a decade (Abbr.) YRS
Worry FRET
Deed holder OWNER
Big cat in a pride LION
Makes very happy ELATES
Fearful TIMID
Evaded a tag at home plate, perhaps SLID
In need of directions LOST
How gender and sexuality are said to exist ONACONTINUUM
Position in the standings RANK
Envy and sloth SINS
Palindromic title MADAM
Poker buy-in ANTE
Run away FLEE
Explore deeply PROBE
Unit of cabbage HEAD
Attended WENT
Knight’s horse STEED


“Kapow!” BAM
Utter amazement AWE
Animal seen as the vehicle of Ganesha RAT
Ukraine’s capital KIEV
“___ Things” (Netflix series) STRANGER
Dark beer variety STOUT
Egg cell OVUM
Passed along some rumors GOSSIPED
Word after “internal” or “foreign” AFFAIRS
Mattress springs COILS
Flood-preventing barrier LEVEE
Computer operators USERS
Gearwheel tooth COG
Memorable chapter in history ERA
Like some wool sweaters ITCHY
Broadcast again REAIR
Small songbirds LARKS
Actress Longoria EVA
Quarrel SPAT
Subway entrance device TURNSTILE
Enjoyed an ice cream cone ATE
Bean type used for refried beans PINTO
Fencing blades EPEES
Lowest-quality WORST
Alien’s vehicle, for short UFO
“You’ve got mail” ISP AOL
Target competitor WALMART
Enjoyed an ice cream cone LICKED
Wedding answer IDO
Campus URL ending EDU
Synagogue scroll TORAH
Totally silly INANE
Large ray MANTA
Breathable fabric LINEN
Close-up map section INSET
“Don’t open this link if your boss is around” letters NSFW
Baseball officials UMPS
Female deer DOE
Midge Maisel’s dad ABE
Drug, for short MED
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