USA Today Crossword Answers October 06, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Dextra Quotskuyva, ethnically HOPI
Lighter output FLAME
“Yeah, sure!” IBET
Surrounded by AMID
Take a load off RELAX
Nothing NADA
First player to dunk in a WNBA game LISALESLIE
Masala ___ (spiced tea) CHAI
Crumb-carrying insect ANT
“Correct!” YES
D&D game runners, for short DMS
Electric bass accessory AMP
Not as tight LOOSER
“Monday Night Football” channel ESPN
Name that sounds like a month MAE
A, in French UNE
Prominent elephant part EAR
Japanese floor mat TATAMI
Credit check ID SSN
Clickable symbol ICON
Get out of bed RISE
First Hmong American to win an Olympic gold medal SUNISALEE
Perform before a headlining band OPEN
Coin worth two nickels DIME
Move like a buoy BOB
Crustacean in ebi tempura SHRIMP
Doc for a doggy VET
Like a desert climate ARID
Barrier to teamwork, maybe EGO
Illusion in the desert MIRAGE
Steal from ROB
Metal in some foil TIN
Sweet and sour sauce color RED
Public health org. CDC
Much-admired person IDOL
Best Supporting Actress winner for “The Fighter” MELISSALEO
Fashion designer Sui ANNA
Remove all traces of ERASE
Place for a crown HEAD
Feature of some roller coasters LOOP
Add fuel to STOKE
Speck in the sea ISLE


Kosher : Jewish :: ___ : Islamic HALAL
Threatening OMINOUS
Engine parts PISTONS
Potato state (Abbr.) IDA
Complete autonomy FREEREIN
“___ is more” LESS
Every last bit ALL
Cleaning crew MAIDS
Not subject to taxes EXEMPT
Business name abbr. INC
Nassau’s country BAHAMAS
Sushi bar appetizer EDAMAME
Taiwan’s capital TAIPEI
Corrosive chemical LYE
Drum kit part SNARE
Martial arts teacher SENSEI
Like something that wears things away EROSIVE
Substance with a pH under 7 ACID
Neckwear clip TIEBAR
Word on a “Hello!” tag NAME
Not yet accomplished UNMET
“I want to look!” LETMESEE
Emphatic refusal OHGODNO
Free of charge PROBONO
Prophets ORACLES
“Well, whoop-de-doo!” BIGDEAL
Story published in installments SERIAL
Prepares PRIMES
Crack, like a cryptogram DECODE
Like the noble gases INERT
Teens may have fake ones (Abbr.) IDS
World domination board game RISK
Place for a cuddly kitty LAP
___ Gan Ma sauce LAO
Often-seared tuna AHI
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