USA Today Crossword Answers October 09, 2021

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Author: by Brooke Husic


Sweetheart BABE
Prefix for "normative" CIS
Black or red insect ANT
Getting mileage out of USING
St. Louis’ country USA
Character weakness FLAW
Spar with an imaginary opponent SHADOWBOX
Prefix with "faceted" or "talented" MULTI
Verbal consent word YES
Place of higher ed, in Britain UNI
Finally registered SANKIN
Globes ORBS
Spanish 101 verb SER
Suffix for "egg" around Christmastime NOG
Building part often laid with public ceremony FOUNDATIONSTONE
Hills of sand DUNES
Ticket holder who didn’t make it NOSHOW
The "R" of P.R. RICO
Diagonally cut pasta PENNE
"Story of my ___!" LIFE
Drag queen Bebe Zahara ___ BENET
Contains HAS
Gives the go-ahead to OKS
Crete currency EURO
Mass departure EXODUS
Water polo need NET
One of three in an ellipsis DOT
Deck of cards with The Fool TAROT
Rose by another name BLUSHWINE
A’s in a deck of cards ACES
Rowing implement OAR
Metroid protagonist Aran SAMUS
Down in the dumps SAD
Get older AGE
Unwind for a bit REST


Tied up BUSY
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Subject of Timnit Gebru’s research BIAS
Finale END
Artist who creates abstract, angular figures CUBIST
Prefix that means "constant" ISO
Jazz horn SAX
Navajo ___ NATION
Fruits in a balafon GOURDS
Enjoyable FUN
Brittney Griner’s org. WNBA
Swampy place MARSH
Pick up on SENSE
Lowest nonzero tie score ONEONE
"It won’t be long now" SOON
President with a monument next to MLK Jr.’s FDR
French for 18-Across OUI
Full of swear words, maybe UNCENSORED
Word before "tube" or "circle" INNER
"The Glass City" of Ohio TOLEDO
Afro combs PICKS
Distinctive time periods ERAS
Cover charge, e.g. FEE
Invader Zim and Marvin the Martian, e.g. (Abbr.) ETS
Fish with a rainbow variety TROUT
Events for doulas BIRTHS
Letters before iotas THETAS
Mexican state known for its seven moles OAXACA
Job security for a lecturer TENURE
Regrets RUES
Uno, ___, tres . . . DOS
Coin smaller than a penny DIME
Burden of responsibility ONUS
Try out TEST
Fluffy neckwear BOA
Online gamer’s frustration LAG
Peace’s counterpart WAR
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