USA Today Crossword Answers October 12, 2021

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Author: by Erica Hsiung Wojcik


Word before "rest" or "wrestle" ARM
Certification for an EMT CPR
Minor setback HICCUP
Feathery accessory BOA
Chicken ___ king ALA
Decorates ADORNS
"Happy for you!" CONGRATS
Students at Starfleet Academy CADETS
Unwavering STEADY
Biblical boat ARK
Modification to a document EDIT
Tractor-trailer RIG
French word before a birth name NEE
___ LeWitt, artist known for his wall drawings SOL
Went for home plate feetfirst SLID
Got too old for OUTGREW
Stow away HIDE
Genetic molecule DNA
Tree pieces STICKS
People who are worshipped ICONS
"Holy moly!" in a text OMG
Something skipped at a lake STONE
___ floor (target of Kegels) PELVIC
"Intriguing!" OOH
Congeal CLOT
"Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)" singer ASHANTI
Kufis, e.g. HATS
Golf course standard PAR
Comedian Wong ALI
Prefix for "lingual" TRI
Actress Gabrielle TATI
Pampering, for short TLC
Shelf above a fireplace MANTEL
Remove from power UNSEAT
Black Widow, Black Panther, etc. AVENGERS
Insect with wing cases BEETLE
British bar PUB
"I get it now!" AHA
Crushed it SLAYED
Do some recon SPY
Groove made by wheels RUT


Preschool subject ABCS
Part of a plant ROOT
Horse’s hair MANE
___ B ("Money" rapper) CARDI
Wield an unethical amount of power PLAYGOD
Sociable rodent RAT
Crypto heist perpetrators HACKERS
Ore. neighbor IDA
Modulating between dialects CODESWITCHING
Statement of beliefs CREDO
"___ we meet again" UNTIL
Sneaky "Hey!" PSST
Regular, degular, shmegular GARDENVARIETY
Beachfront city near Los Angeles SANTAMONICA
Rule, for short REG
Naval craft SHIP
Bugs that school nurses check for LICE
Person who’s worshipped IDOL
Cuatro menos tres UNO
Aliens, for short ETS
Some soda COLA
Tight spot worked on by a massage therapist KNOT
Matching groups SETS
___ Got Tea (Louisville tea shop) SIS
Obtained GOT
Had a talk CHATTED
What miming a phone might mean HITMEUP
Each and every one ALL
Word after "solar" or "control" PANEL
Sailing ATSEA
Sprinted past RANBY
Ice cream containers TUBS
Salty droplet TEAR
Two-stringed instrument ERHU
Test for aspiring lawyers (Abbr.) LSAT
Drink sold at a 68-Across ALE
Second row of an org chart VPS
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